Jan 29, 2008

White Gold

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. --Matthew 6:19-20

I was reading a hot muscle growth stroke story called Fred's Odyssey by RdyRoger a while ago - typical plot: mild mannered little guy does a good deed and is gifted with the muscle god bod of his dreams. In this case it was island voodoo magic, and like so many of these tall tales, it's the power of the jizz that transforms a man from geek to Greek God.

Jack opened wide, swallowing Fred's huge cock. That he was able to do so amazed him. He deep throated Fred. Fred shoved his cock deeper, losing control. Fred started spewing a huge load directly into Jack's stomach. ...Jack patted his stomach. "It's just like money in the bank." --Fred's Odyssey

I think that maybe semen (and the sexual ecstasy associated with it) is the currency of heaven. Rivers of it. Every time you cum, you make a little down payment on your grail/stargate/flying car. Grails are the divine Feminine - and they only take one kind of fuel. Here on serpent cult earth, automograils run on "black gold", so of course they run on white gold in heaven.

Give me oil in that lamp. (Art by Glen Hanson)

I figure we all get grails as graduation presents when we finally graduate the Earth Reform School for Gifted Children. I happen to have expensive taste in grails, so it's lucky I've been making steady deposits since I was twelve.

Fill 'er up, Francois!


soundlessdawn said...

Interestingly enough - Many alchemists believe the "Philosopher's Stone" can be created with semen - As it holds a large percentage of the sacred tincture - This is evident in many films as well - most notably "The Fountain," of course.

JB said...

In the "behind the scenes" of The Fountain, the white sap flowing from the tree of eternal life is shown to be creamy frosting in a can. Seeing Hugh Jackman having his "milk moustache" wiped off by an intern in between takes was hilarious to me.

Secret Sun said...

You been reading Killing Joke lyrics?

i've tried to understand the ways of men they taught me
they've lost their values as we define a wealth
semen and blood is all i've got, investments of a future
i'm searching for a new gold yes i'm searching for a new gold
a voice is calling
move closer to you - yeah
virile young men run down the street in havoc singing
"i wish to build, i penetrate, i penetrate"
restricted sexuality gives birth to worlds of terror
and all the time i'm trying to piece new schemes together - help me
architects erect erections, monoliths are raised
i love the swollen mound i love the swollen mound
all hail the new seed breeding from our hearts and wombs
and night and day run round in circles following sex instinct
push it between her legs and stretch the lips mother relieve me
bodies entwined in human tangle at the point of climax
shoot forth the new gold and at last reason makes perfect sense
i'm shooting, shooting forth
i'm shooting forth the new gold now - ha!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. It doesn't surprise me in the least that alchemists were way ahead of the curve. There's still a missing ingredient, IMHO - maybe cosmic rays from Planet X? :-)

Chris - that blows me away.

FilmNoir23 said...

Excellent all around...Chris, right on the money as usual.

Michael...I need that well trained eye of your's to peel away on my latest article which is in tribute to you.

Secret Sun said...

Even stranger, Michael is that the line is actually:

"Virile young men run down the street in Heaven singing" not Havoc, which makes no sense. So you hit the mark even closer.

Here's a video of the song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loijSjjMp1U

One of Geordie's most necromantic riffs...

Anonymous said...

Re: your statement,"...semen...is the currency of heaven..."

The Wrong Way Wizard notes your idea in his treatment of "Eyes Wide Shut" quoting Part Seven "According to Wilhelm Reich, who was imprisoned and his work destroyed as a threat to society, the abandon of heaven was to be found in the freedom of the organism. Unbounded sexual expression. Our Occult Masters reserve this practice for themselves alone. The coherence of social order demands it."

So sex it seems is required of us...in more ways than physical or spiritual.

See also You Tube posts for the "Electric Universe" or the book "God Sun" for why humans desire heaven or "mental relief" by any means necessary and especially by means of sex.

Michael said...

Thanks for the shout out Todd - much appreciated.

Chris, it's safe to say I would have spent about 3 seconds in a room with Killing Joke playing. That said, the lyrics are uncanny.

Anon - thanks for the reference to Reich at WWW - always enlightening.

The sex connection to heaven is why I read amateur gay porn - there are more syncs in a good stroke story than just about anything else.

aluhlooyah said...

hey man, you know anything about the Bock Saga? there's some vids on youtube about it and there's this site: http://bocksaga.com Anyway, it's a Finnish aboriginal story/conspiracy theory about the origin of humanity and the importance of eating semen. like the bock says, ya gotta suck seed to succeed! I think you'd appreciate it.

Michael said...

aluhlooyah - thanks for the sync/link. Awesome.

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