Jan 2, 2008

911 Denial

I’ve read some thought provoking posts lately about what, thanks to Jake Kotze, has become known as the 911 Mega Ritual.

Researchers into the occulted symbolism of our world always seem to circle back to 911 - returning to touch the ground (zero), like the hand of Buddha. The 911 ritual seems somehow designed to become a symbolic keystone - all physical evidence of the disaster made to “disappear”. The only thing remaining is the video record and the personal memories of NYC witnesses. The video will degrade, as will the memories, and soon, all that will remain is a myth - something to believe, or not.

The “official story” was so patently self-serving to the officials that it invited speculation, even demanded it. And so we have. The 911 “truth movement” wanted to get to the bottom of it all, but with red herrings on every side, it is becoming increasingly clear that they’ll never get to the bottom. So we free fall, and I’m almost comfortable with that, I’ve been falling for so long.

911 - the ritual of a thousand interpretations - the ultimate whodunnit. It was Al Qaeda, Saddam, the Neocons, the Masons, the Jews, the Illuminati, the aliens, the trans-dimensional reptilians. It was airplanes, remote-controlled airplanes, missiles, controlled demolition, energy weapons, UFO’s. And in the end, that is how it is. We, each one of us and alone, decide which is right, and which is an illusion.

Soon, I imagine, we’ll have 911 deniers who’ll say it never happened, and that even the twin towers never actually existed in the flesh. A myth: like the ancient Gods and/or Jesus. Which is entirely missing the point of a ritual. A ritual is about the symbols. And it's not so much about who and how, but why. The twin towers stood for something, as did their destruction. And the meaning is not necessarily even the meaning intended by the perps, whoever they actually were. The meaning is up to the audience, not the performer.

What does 911 (Jesus) mean, to me? It's like a fucking Sunday school lesson.


JB said...

Michael, I've just posted "Why Jesus HAS to be GAY" on my sight, in your honor. I will now read "911 Denial" and comment on it.

JB said...

Okay, read it. 9/11, even the numbers themselves, CAN be interpreted any way we wish. For example, Ground Zero = Square One. How? 9/11 can be 19-1, or (12+7)-1, which then becomes L7-1 (L being the 12th letter, L7 being a square). The square being purely symbolic of Saturn, then 9/11-Ground Zero-Square One could mean the beginning of the New Golden Age (the Return of Saturn).

The Secret Sun said...

I think we will see a lot of 911 Truth stuff fade from the scene this year, mirroring the public's weariness of the neocons exploitation of the event.

I do think the event was largely symbolic and largely ritualistic by design. I just think what the symbols from that day tell us is something different than most of the interpretations we've seen- perhaps being familiar with the area gives me a different viewpoint. I obviously don't buy the official version nor the TMIH version either.

Michael said...

JB - great post at the Meta-Logic Cafe - loved it.

CK - I look forward to your insights.

Jake Kotze said...

I am in the IDMWMIH (It doesnt matter who made it happen)camp..

Thanks for this post Michael

aferrismoon said...

Both 911 and Jesus seem like the centre of the cyclone . Here's the intro to The Centre of The Cyclone by John C. Lilly:
The Centre of the Cyclone [ Cycle One ?] is that rising quiet central low-pressure place in which one can learn to live eternally. Just outside this centre is the rotating storm of one's own ego, competing with other egos in a furious high-velocity circular dance. As one leaves centre, the roar of the rotaing wind deafens one more and more as one joins the dance. One's centred thinking-feeling-being, one's own Satoris, are in the centre only, not outside. One's pushed. One's push-pulled driven states, one's anti-Satori modes of functioning, one's self-centred hells. are outside the centre. In the centre of the cyclone one is off the wheel of Karma, of life, rising to join the Creators of the Universe, the creators of us.
here we find that we have created Them who are Us.
The myth of Jesus, the Myth of 911, I think despite all the footage etc etc we can't prove that they happened . As the event is not happening now with us witnessing then [ esp. if the Illuminati et al are super-powerful] its a dream-memory. I can't prove that I'm not a butterfly dreaming that I'm a human. But that unknowable event centre creates the wind that sucks us in, essentially to create vast stories that recreate us and I think, raise us.
Whatever we 'believe' we all go and research and reeducate ourselves in a whirlwind of interactive study, essentially the study we were doing before we got schooled and instructed. That much is tangible.
There are various belief-systems expressed by each blog which we delve into and learn more about, constantly refining ourselves through open contact with others.
' Unfortunately we find systems of education today that have departed so far from plain truth that they now teach us to be proud of what we know and ashamed of ignorance. This is doubly corrupt. It is corrupt not only because pride is in itself a mortal sin, but also because to teach pride in knowledge is to put an effective barrier against any advance upon what is already known, since it makes one ashamed to look beyond the bounds imposed by one's own ignorance.
To any person prepared to enter with respect into the realm of this great and universal ignorance, the secrets of being will eventually unfold, and they will do so in a measure according to his freedom from natural and indoctrinated shame in his respect of their revelation.
...And yet those with the corage to tread this path to real discovery are not only offered practically no guidance on how to do so, they are actively discouraged and have to set about it in secret, pretending meanwhile to be diligently engaged in the frantic diversions and to conform with the deadening personal opinions that are being continually thrust upon them.
In these circumstances , the discoveries that any person is able to undertake represent the places where, in the face of induced psychosis, he has, by his own faltering and unaided efforts , returned to sanity. Painfully, and even dangerously, maybe. But, nonetheless returned, however furtively.'
At present I feel I can explore thoughts here which generally people don't discuss, parts of my mind that, if job-bound, would atrophy and turn cancerous now abound with megawatts of neuronic cyclone dust from space.
Re: Secret Suns comment - it will prove ultra-cynical if people stop wanting to know WHY they went to war while they're still warring. But I can see them getting 'sick' of the Conspiracy stuff that's based on 'facts'.
As to our inability to get at the 'real facts' or turn them into 'evidence' we seem to investigate it with the things we 'know' and turn it into this dance of re-education [ Ex-ducare = to lead out]. Here the Wizard of Oz inner cyclone trans4mation ritual plays its slow-mo flow. We all 'lose' parts of our old selves tied to empire-building-independant family- get more food syndrome.
Courage OR the unquestioning brave soldier
Heart OR traditionalist nostalgia living-in-the-past who often send the brave lion off to keep the past intact
Brain OR Fundamentalist 'reason' disavowing the mystic or unknown thus keeping the traditionalist and the soldier intact by creating 'reasons' for this societies continued existence as it is then creating the weapons to fight off all invasive thought patterns.
The 'Men' now bereft of these 'parts' have no barrier against the inner feminine who comes forward ' girt about with sword', with Toto expressing a new FOOL, yet not losing the male characteristics necessary for 'going forward'. Together they approach the Wizard[male]/Matrix[female] of OZ [ Macrocosm?] and it falls away. All get their' parts' back but at this level of being they do not function in the same way and thus do not 'cause' the same effects. Courage dismisses War for new ideas, the Brain works more intuitively , the Heart infuses all with Love.
There's something of the Parsifal lurking in all of this .

Atlantean Times said...

I dont know witch i enjoyed more. the original post or aferrismoon's comment.

it just goes to show yet again that no one perspective has the right answer and this seems to be the point of the new movie my christ resonator quaid has just made (thanks filmnoir).

this is poetry lads..."REAL" poetry.

it would seem the days of iambic pentawhatumacaallits is over and free association rules.

Mick you have nailed it down very neat and tidy..

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - thanks for the most excellent comment. I'll now go read it again.

AT - thanks also, much appreciated.

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