Feb 22, 2008

Good Syncing

Man! What a great big beautiful synced up day. We had wonderful pre-Spring weather today, so V and I walked the terrier to Kirkland, and we stopped at Kidd Valley for lunch.

The Circle K Ranch strikes again

Kidd Valley has ten outlets, and as we stood in line to order, two very hot guys got in line right behind us. We tried not to devour them with our eyes, so as not to ruin our appetites. V even called one of them "a perfect 10". We both ordered fish burgers (a Dagon sandwich) with a side of fries and onion rings, which are sort of calamari like, and with the French fries, lend a certain vibe. But the main course was inside the newspaper dispenser:

The Kirk(church)land Sun, showing an image of a Scottish savior (the solar-powered Superman), who is busting out of his disguise (Lincoln, anyone?), and the big question:

"Can Stuart McLeod save downtown Kirkland? Will the city fathers allow it?"


aferrismoon said...

U seem to have a deal of local synchs a of late . Must be the Dagon sandwiches. The artucle on Zodiac is great, and the driftwood ?!? Wow, it couldn't be ought else.
Today we have summer temps in Prague, yesterday I was wrapped up as we had winter temps.

Michael said...

I guess it's because I've started to pay more attention.

Regarding the driftwood starship - the funny thing is that V (who rarely reads my blog) and I were walking on another beach last weekend, and he finds another one! So now we have twins. Thanks for the comments.

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