Feb 2, 2008

Red is the New Orange

New York Fashion Week created an interesting tableau this week:

"The annual event kicked off Friday in the red, with a bevy of actresses and other celebrities wearing the color as part of the "Red Dress" Campaign, to alert women to the dangers of heart disease." --China View

The Cardinal Scarlet Women of stage and screen surround the "first lady" (Eve, Mary, Isis?) in virginal white. There's something oddly Catholic about it, especially since the Pope is always in a white dress - always ready for the weddin'. Fish on Friday? Unlike Charlie the tuna, this Dagon doesn't have the best taste.

Heading towards Valentine's Day, red hearts and flowers naturally abound. El Corazon is as Catholic as it gets. According to doctrine, the symbol of the heart (Sacred Heart) began when Saint Margaret Marie Alacoque had a vision in the late 17th century. She saw a heart shape surrounded by a crown of thorns.

There is evidence the symbol is far older. The Egyptian ab, or "heart soul", bears a remarkable resemblance to the stained glass Christian iconography. The ab (one of seven Egyptian souls) came directly from the mother's heart, in the form of holy lunar blood and would descend to the womb and take the shape of her child.

Older still, the association of romantic love with the heart shape may rest in the now extinct Silphium of Africa - the ancient birth control pill. Irony, anyone?

According to the media Oracle, The Heart of the Ocean is a jewel of great price, cast into the sea as the Titanic was cast into the abyss. The sea and the abyss (the pit), are synonyms, so perhaps the heart-shaped gem and whatever Titanic force the ocean liner represents are as well.

"Raise the Titanic" (1976) launched the career of Clive Cussler - the Spielberg of pulp fiction and beltway apologist.

In 1912, the RMS Titanic went to the bottom of the North Atlantic in one of history's most infamous maritime disasters. Seventy-five years later, it is discovered that Titanic's hold contains a shipment of a rare mineral, the only available supply in the world large enough to power a top-secret and vital United States defense program. When no method can be found of extracting the mineral under more than 12,000 feet of water, Pitt and his crew set out to do the impossible: raise the Titanic.

It would appear that this "vital" mineral/gem has "risen indeed". It reminds me of another rising - that of Atlantis. Is the great ocean liner a symbol for the lost continent? No doubt.

Isis of Mars

According to Britney of the Spears (another mighty media "heroine" prominently featured this week, who has fallen, but may yet 'rise again') The Heart of the Ocean was discovered by an American earthling, but delivered safely back to Britannia, AKA the Red Planet. Ladies in red, indeed.

The Martian Mermaid


Unknown said...

I was guessing that Red was going to replace Orange back during the Rose Bowl, things seemed to be going that way. Did you see that Dell commercial during the superbowl? It was like "Something-(RED)" I forget, but isnt Dell's theme a cow pattern of black and white... why the switch to red? Rubeo is the final stage of the alchemist's transformation, but what next? Gold? For the new Golden Age of Saint Germain and all that jazz?

Michael said...

Gateway (long extinct) had the black and white cow thing. Apple was also big on the red bandwagon last year, with their red U2 edition iPods. Like the "red dress" campaign, the red iPods are associated with charitable giving - no doubt to one of Bono's many causes. I guess you can wear your red dress or iPod, and then everyone will know what a good person you are.

aferrismoon said...

Charitable giving or redress?
The 1st Lady would be AShH[305] - Eesha. Her name indicates female fire.
I sometimes wonder with the Worldwide GREEN movement , led by Al Gore, and now Redness, with this event and the apparently very red exhibition in London ' FROM RUSSIA' , something, I can't put my finger on it. The Orange and Blue that has prevailed - just leaves PURPLE and YELLOW and the Primary colours and complements will be dome with.
Archangel Michael takes RED and GREEN, while Gabriel the BLUE and ORANGE. P+Y = Rafael

Michael said...

Or perhaps purple and gold? The colors of royalty, and also of the U of W Huskies (the "dogs") my Alma Mater.

Anonymous said...

Red are flames of the Phoenix fire engulfing us.

They are the flames of the gate of the stargate we are currently passing through.

We are in the middle of a red gateway/hallway. That is why it is all around us.

Britney will rise again.



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