Feb 12, 2008

What Would Jesus Drive?

Jake Kotze (sync catalyst), got me researching (via comments on Crossfire), Darth (Jesus) Vader, and his links to Chevrolet (the TIE that binds). Which, via this Youtube video, leads to Darth's personal involvement with the H2 Hummer, which is, of course, the HH mobile.

What would Jesus drive? An H2. What an ass.

Mellow Yellow?


Jake Kotze said...

What would Jesus drink?


Adam Star said...

ave you seen t is one?

Missing H Lexus.

And I just the other day realized "Jumper" reunites Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu. I should pay more attention.

Michael said...

Water molecule is an oxygen guarded by two hydrogens? That's cool.

The hybrid automograil contains some interesting symbolic syncs. Thanks for the link.

Speaking of "Jumper", Doug at Unnatural Devotions points out that Jumper was the title of a Chi Chi La Rue gay porn effort from the 80's, so we have Hollywood using a title that gay porn came up with first, instead of the other way around, which I'm taking as another example of the ongoing "pole shift".

Anonymous said...

And a GOLDEN Ass, no less.

aferrismoon said...

I dunno what he'd drive but feel sure he'd have Hendrix' 'CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC' blaring across JeruSalem .

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