Feb 27, 2008

Red Zeppelin

Imported sparkling water has been heavily discounted at Red Apple supermarket lately, so we've been bringing some home to sample. If you've been reading for a while, you'll know what I mean by the Water of Life, and also how the Red Star is synchromystically entwined with queerness (The Red Star Brewing Co.) So it's interesting to find a product combining (so called) healthy water with the red star - San Pellegrino Sparkling Water:

The town of San Pellegrino in the mountains north of Milan was first made famous by quenching the thirst of Leonardo da Vinci. Today the Fonte Termale, an opulent marbled drinking hall, is a monument to the tradition of "taking the waters."

Blam! Direct sync hit: famous via queer Grand Master Leonardo da Vinci, painter of the Last Supper that depicts John as maybe, possibly being a woman: the Magdalene.

Next up is from Germany: Gerolsteiner brand sparkling water, also sporting a red star, though with eight points.

The closest thing to taking mineral supplements in a naturally-occurring water; Since 1888, a famed health tonic, naturally carbonated.

Not quite as good, but with all those eights buzzing around like bees, fairly star gaty.

And finally Apollinaris: the "Queen of Table Water". No red star, but at least a hovering, red pyramid:

Apollinaris originates in a site which has different layers of rock and volcanic occlusions: the Eifel. This unspoilt landscape allows the water to penetrate into the deepest layers of the earth. Natural carbonic acid collects from the volcanic rock stratum. This facilitates especially the absorbtion of many minerals.

It's kinda gay that water with the same name as a Prefect of Gaul AND a bad ass Roman Legion is called the "Queen of Table Waters". Not such a good sync, but it got me going on an Eifel tangent:

Eifel syncs with both the phallic Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World (AKA Isis, Diana) in NYC - gift of France to the USA in 1886 (Alexandre Gustave Eiffel engineered both structures). Considering the role of Paris and monumental hollow gifts in the Trojan War, it might have been a good idea if the US had looked THIS gift horse in the mouth.

And finally, an exceptionally hot pic from a recent Titan Media production: Damien Crosse going right to the source of the water of life, no bottling required. The movie is Men's Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. The Ark to Oz is a red balloon - or maybe a zeppelin if you want to make haste. A Red Zeppelin. A big, red, fat, juicy zeppelin. Unlike the previous Wizard of Oz, I have a feeling these guys know how it works.

"Let's Build the Dirigible Fleet in Lenin's Name!"

Interestingly, Seattle has The Red Balloon Co. - gay owned and operated since 1980.


JB said...

Dammit, Michael! Porno is NOT work (or public library) friendly! lol

Funny synch: my "word verification" for this comment was "jjyzz".

You might want to check out my latest gay love-related post over at my sight as well.

Michael said...

Hi JB, missed you around! "jjyzz" - LOL.

Atlantean Times said...

you dirty fecker.im still laughing reading about water then a big stonker appears...lolololololollolololololol

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