Feb 24, 2008

Diamond in the Back

I wanna (diamond in the back), I wanna (sunroof top), I wanna (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)... --Ludacris

The best ride on the block

A while back (way back) I spent a hot summer day out on a ski boat with a bunch of shirtless gay men, cruising slowly through the Lake Washington ship canal (the nautical equivalent of cruising the strip) and the stream of pleasure boats, which were all well adorned with feminine decoration - except for us, all we had was beefcake. Some guy yells at us: "Where's the women?!!" The answer of course was that we didn't need women. We had each other. Bro's before Ho's. Or rather, bro's who ARE ho's.

I was thinking how the Goddess isn't much a part of Christian mythology. It's like, "where the hell are the women?" In the book of Acts, Paul famously preached against the Goddess Artemis (Diana) of the Ephesians, which got him run out of town. Jesus hung out with the bros, and though some say he and Mary Magdalene were an item, you have to read WAY between the lines to get that out of scripture. My take is that the Roman mystery cults infiltrated the early church and quickly turned it back toward Goddess worship (via Mary) but as far as Jesus went, it was all about the Father and the Son. No Goddess needed, and I think, good riddance. The Goddess is a bitch - an insatiable pit of human blood sacrifice. See the Stygian Port's examination of the Goddess in The Medusa Touch. Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon, gives a vivid impression of the dark side of Ceres/agriculture fertility worship. I saw it as a made for TV movie.

The 1982 thriller 'Deathtrap', starring Michael Caine, Dyan Cannon, and Christopher Reeve, features Caine and Reeve as lovers, plotting to do away with Caine's wife - Dyan. Synchromystically, if Reeve is always Superman, then he is always Christ, which would place Caine in the roll of the Father, and Dyan as the divine feminine. The movie poster clearly shows what it's really all about. In the movie, the final triumph is given to Helga the psychic (a witchy crone).

For God to forsake the Goddess would mean he'd be forsaking the ultimate power source in the universe - the thing that makes him God! Since the universe is basically a giant ecstasy machine, he would need to find another place to hide the "engine" - a place nobody would ever think to look. Maybe God put the divine feminine where the sun don't shine, and said to hell with the ol' ball and chain. And to hell is where she went, to become Lucy(fer). Like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

"Long dickin' my ass... nice 'n' slow... it kinda turn m' engine on, 'r somethin'!"

You could say that gay men are "rear-engined", and to bring it all back to cars (as usual), it's interesting that the Lincoln (see The Kentuckian) was famous for it's "integrated spare tire" in the trunk. A tire is a torus, so symbolically, the Lincoln carried a black hole in the back. The Lincoln Mark V was a classic pimpmobile, so I think we're into triple entendres by now. It goes without saying that Lincoln is currently working on their Mark X.

A cross in a box

The VW Beetle is the most iconic rear-engined car in the world, personified as Herbie by Disney. The VW was designed in the 1930's by Dr. Ferry Porsche for Hitler, who wanted a "people's car". The Doctor went on after WWII to create the Porsche sports car brand - its most successful model being the rear-engined 911.

The brand that keeps on giving.

Ralph Nader, the Green Party Messiah, made his reputation with the 1965 publication of 'Unsafe At Any Speed', a crusade against Detroit and the Chevrolet Corvair - a car with its engine in its butt. Due to Nader's success, the Corvair is now quite rare, and has become a collector's item. There's a guy a few blocks away from me who collects 'em, and built a gorgeous garage for his collection, practically a shrine. Personally I think Corvairs are damn homely, but I'm glad somebody loves 'em.


aferrismoon said...

There are some interesting words from Carlo Suares on the various masculines and feminines dotted around the bible, and what he considers to be their misinterpretation in society due to the 'translations' of the bible.
At present I find the classic Man + Woman relatonship that , in the West, seems to have turned into
Hi Baby I love You
Cool Love U too
Can I have your Sperm
-some time later
I'm bored now baby, can u leave, oh and remember the monthly patments, and what the hell do u wanna see the kid for, its not yours.

OK, particularly cynical and surely a stereotype. Nevertheless while males have been cajoled along to relinquish many of their characteristic 'powers', women, perhaps as some sort of historical 'compensation' have almost total power over the marriage and the future of the child and the way the money is spent and how the child is educated. Again, rather sterotypical, many many many people share loving , mature relationships.
I do not think that being gay is an alternative to M/F relationships, it seems to be something chosen positively by an individual. Yet with the Feminazi - we don't need men technically - I feel a growing number of men aren't getting into, or are wary of 'commitments', considering it can 'cost' them their choice of how they want to lead their life.
Suares makes a great difference between Eesha and Hheva [Eve] as evolved woman and Adamah, the reproductive earth + the battle for influence over humans between YHVH - projected into Eve and through her into Cain and Adamah, the one who produces Abel, who takes Noah's Adamic blood and transforms it into wine producing drunkeness and regression.

At pres I think we are all possessing of both Male and female, female and male, thus any of the negative stuff above / biassed projections can be done by me.

PS, took a photo of a Crossfire [ car] this morning.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I think the stereotype you present is quite accurate for the society as a whole, thought certainly there are many, many loving couples who buck the trend.

At my first job out of school, I found out that the married men at work called their wives "she who must be obeyed".

Gay men are an interesting study because we get to be masculine or feminine, dominant or submissive, sometimes all in the same night! Masculine and feminine are just clothes, changed with the mood.

Thanks for the Suares reference. Someone to look into.

aferrismoon said...

yes , more than individuals, I guess I mean the projected image of some individuals whose actions become 'precedent'.
So much of 'love' is done through the courts these days, and , misguided or not, I feel that to enter into 'love' in the modern society has this underlying 'price' which can end up costing someone a great deal - this then brings in the agencies who deal with the division of possessions, finances and/or children.
With Heath ledger thing [ and u know I have no idea of what lead to his tragedy] but the child taken away, that [ I dont' have kids by the way] does appear to drive deeply into the one who 'loses' .
Anyhow I don't wish to be maudlin, though I feel if .....well thats another story

Jake Kotze said...

I think the flashy hubcaps, spirals, whirls, twirls (like crop circles, with a variety of number of 'arms') betray the magickal reality of the car (chariot). Its four wheels (Stargates, grails) reminding me of the four Stargates in Egypt, the Twins of Giza and Dhashur. 11:11 HH


Michael said...

Yup. Thanks for the comment.

Anthony said...

Marrige today is a business transaction. Women were made to feel unfulfilled without a career so they farm their children out at 6 weeks old to sell insurance or whatever. If only they could see the undiscovered joy of being a "helpmate fit" as God intended most would find a man who would want to love, support, and protect them. The court system enables women to screw over a man, take the kids, and just about everything else even if she is a slut. The men are screwed. Too many gay men are the same way, seeking out those whom they may consume for material gain. "Lots of pretty boys and lushous men, but I haven't found one who likes to stay home yet, the drama of it". Didn't Gloria Stieman finally admit she was wrong and really did need a man? She knows she bought into the nighmare and lost the chance to find a life parter to grow old together with.

marmitelover@mac.com said...
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