Sep 2, 2008

The Rover

I rarely post overtly political stuff here at Gosporn, holding to the conceit that we're "above all that" here. Not...

The latest shtick from the Grand Olde Party is just too much. The nomination of "Guns, Babies and Jesus" Sarah Palin for the vice presidency, and then the immediate "outing" of her daughter's unwed pregnancy. I mean... COME ON!! This has Rovian fingerprints all over it - the brilliant distraction of a "wedge issue" that sidelines any national discussion over war, class, economics, race or anything of REAL importance to the PTB.

And what is MOST brilliant is that it is the LIBERAL press that is doing it, because Rove tossed them a BONE that they couldn't resist! Now the race is back on the Republican track with the religious right marching to the tune as they always do. Rove is the Machiavelli of our times, and I hate him, but a part of me begrudgingly admires his devilish cunning. Oh, that a devil such as Rove would work for the light.

But wait... Sarah's full name is Sarah Louise HEATH Palin; born February 11, 1964! And she is the 11th governor of Alaska! Something tells me this story has only just begun.


Doug over at Unnatural Devotions just posted a Rare Political Interlude that made me spit out my beer! He conflates this:

with this:

It suddenly occurred to me (thanks V) that an Obama assassination wouldn't be the WORST thing that could happen. Watch yer back, John.


anadæ said...

Too rich! The Antichrist is a woman! And an arch Neo-Con womyn at that! A womyn whose itinerary encompasses a genocidal campaign against America's wild horses & their foals! The horse, the totem animal of the once & future ruler over Atlantis, Poseidon ... hello?! Jus' go figure, children.

Ed said...

I never thought about Rove being involved, but it makes perfect sense.
I watch politics like most people would watch professional wrestling. It's interesting and all, but at the end of the day it's still not real.

Michael said...

Well, maybe not THE Antichrist, but she's a weird deal. It's like the Christian Dominionist Nazis have, by a bizarre stroke of "luck", taken over the Republican Party. Just when I thought it was safe to be gay.

Ed: great analogy, pro wrestling. Politics is like the WWF in that the acting is all fake, but unlike the WWF, the bullets and economic sanctions are real, so I pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Sara Luis Heath Palin = San Luis = Saint Louis = The Path of Hurricane Ike.

The path of the hurricane, the spinning body of water is a watergate from Saint Louis to Saint Louis, baby!

Game, set, match. Keep on keepin' on.


Michael said...

Thuth! That's amazing. Does that make Palin a "perfect storm"?

Ben Fairhall said...

Palin will win this election for the GOP; as I have been predicting even before she came on the ticket. (A Republican victory, I mean.) In a sense, Obama already has been assassinated; by Clinton, the right-wing media, etc. The 'assault' on Palin's family may have been distasteful; but some of the stuff directed at Obama- from the blogosphere, more than the MSM- is unquestionably worse.

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