Sep 29, 2008

Que Hera, Hera...

Some take note how art imitated life prior to 911. Synchromystics take for granted that All is connected to Every One, so that is no Big Thing. Now that we're experiencing World Trade Center SMACK DOWN round two, I cast about, looking for anchors in the whirlwind. The golden CALF of Wall St. is certainly on the chopping block, and it's interesting that the global eye is once again centered on lower Manhattan. Just so we are CLEAR on how to perceive this latest event, please note the emergency signal presented below (pic lifted from Bill in Exile):

This "nuking" of Wall St. is an event long foretold by many and various economic Jeremiahs - you can't get something for nothing - at least not for Ever. Now that we're economically nuked, we'll naturally be casting about for a savior, how wonderful that we are presented with a choice - Sun King Obama or Sarah Palin - note that the race is suddenly all about HER, McCain is DOA.

I know Sarah is down in the polls, but I don't count her out. She's playing an archetype - and a rather big one.

Sarah happens to look exactly like Laura Roslin (spectacles, bangs and all) - the unlikely President of Battlestar Gallactica's Caprica after a devastating nuclear attack. Laura is a schoolteacher, which makes her considerably better qualified than Sarah in political history, but the point is made - she enters office among murmurings about her qualifications. Laura made an unpopular "pro-life" stance early in her career, and is also a religious fanatic. She is known to push people out of airlocks, because well, Cylons aren't "people". Hmmm.

Sarah is a good fundamentalist Christian, jealous of her "husband". Her husband she calls Jesus - Yea Zeus. The wife of Zeus is Hera. Hera is the nemesis of Hercules, that half-god, half mortal fellow. Hercules is a metaphor for Man - fire/water, spirit/matter. Hera hates mankind because we represent the FRUIT of Zeus' love for Adam and Eve, and thus, in her eyes, his unfaithfulness. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Roslyn is the name of a town here in Washington made famous by the TV series "Northern Exposure" - which featured a transplanted NY (Jewish) doctor in the fictional ALASKAN town of Cicely. The second "movie star" I ever met was an actress in this show, just a chance encounter.

Roslin of Scotland lies on the Rose Line - of Paris and the Da Vinci Code.


Anonymous said...


Sarah Palin drools.

Michael said...

So say y'all.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the factors surrounding the finical crash? That the US is a corporation that was made bankrupt in 1933 (when all the Gold was collected by an Executive Order by the President) and has been in receivership in all these years? The Federal Reserve is another corporation which people falsely believe to be the national bank of America, it isn't, it is a private bank which prints money and lends it to America at interest. America has been using its own people as collateral for this money, every persons Birth Certificate is a Bond that is sold on the Bond markets. People have found this out and are refusing to pay their mortgages because the money the banks are lending them isn't real money, it is a discharge of debt and their name in Capital Letters is the Strawman that is liable for that debt. That is why the banks can't just take their house and auction it off, which is what normally happens when you can't keep up with repayments? I know this is a stretch but it is the truth, all the proof is there if you look for it.

I would also be interested on your take on the similarities between Obama Binden and Osama Bin-la-Den. Why do you think those two names match so closely?

Thuth said...

Hey Michael,

I think you're right on about Palin taking on an archetype. I find myself wondering if Tina Fey is playing her or if she is playing Tina Fey.

I think two things about her. One, she was chose deliberately by Karl Rove to be the next VP candidate. Karl Rove is probably the smartest American Political Tactician of our time. Picking her was not a mistake. They knew exactly what they were getting, so the big question is. . .why?

Also, when you see EARLY debates and speeches of George W. Bush, he is VERY eloquent and well spoken. He commands a podium and uses bigger words than most politicians. When he became president, it's like he lost 30 IQ points. His VP was Cheney, a blustering old war horse. Now we have an inversion. The VP is the dump appearing one in the spotlight while the Pres is the lumbering old war horse.

This is a very interesting situation indeed.

Thuth said...

The crash happened the same day that Stephen Fossett's plane was "Found".

I'm working on a Fossett write up right now.


Michael said...

Anon, thanks for the comment. I looked into some interesting theories about the debt economy and how it all works right after 911, when the veil was lifted. I'm not very good at money (check my bank account for proof) but the rule of money and debt goes very deep. I basically think money is a faith based initiative - the Dow is worth however much we think it is. All these mental constructs of man - corporations, money, nation states, they all live or die on our belief that they're real, or not real. We live in a world of total illusion - Maya.

The Obama/Osama thing is so wacked it's hard to even examine it. Two names, nearly identical, one presented as the "devil" and the other as the "savior". The devil was called Samael, and Samuel was a prophet. One letter difference.

Thuth - exactly, why? I threw out Hera almost as a joke, but she is fascinating. I read somewhere how she was representing the dark side of the psyche vs. Obama being the "light bringer", and I thought well... if Obama's little AAA battery powered light can cause Sarah to manifest, then I'd really rather not be around when the big D cell shows up.

I look forward to your Fossettizing. One thing has already occurred to me is that he's got a sort of Amelia Earhart thing going - she was an alien abductee victim on Star Trek Voyager...

Esperanto Grrl said...

You know, it's funny to read this post a few weeks down the road, now that Palinmania has pretty much fizzled out. Never have I seen a political figure rise and fall to the extent Palin had within the span of weeks. At first, she was a bigger-than-life figure that dwarfed even McCain, and now that we've learned she's got trouble forming coherent sentences and had trouble with even the most softball of all softball questions ("what do you read?"), she's become a liability and something of an embarassment.

This happened to Bush Jr., of course, but not over two weeks.

It was a little scary there, to be sure. It actually looked like McCain would actually pull it off for a while. Now, of course, with a few weeks to go in the election, Palin and McCain have about the same poll numbers Jimmmy Carter had in 1980.

It's hard for me to identify what it is I immediately hated about Sarah Palin. I think it was that she, like me, has dark hair and wears glasses. Unlike me, however, she is a sex object. Though the letching attention of creepy radio hosts is something I can quite do without.

As for Laura Roslin, I don't own a TV (I bashed mine in a while ago with a Louisville Slugger the way Harlan Ellison suggested) and all this stuff goes way above my head. But I am familiar with lots of bad shipfic, and for whatever reason, she and Edward James Olmos seem to be a favorite for millions of horrible, horrible fangirls.

I suppose I can take some pleasure in the fact I write good old fashoined muscle stud smut as opposed to the histrionic fangirls that write teenage perfume ad crap that sounds like me at age 14 wondering what it would be like to have sex with my favorite pop star.

Michael said...

Esperanto Grrl (and wussup with that modern latin moniker, anyway?) - Yea, she was a wild ride. She was sorta like a Trojan Horse - seemed like a gift to the GOP, but brought them down instead.

Battlestar Gallactica was an extremely dark, violent and adult show that dealt with themes such as racial purity, justified slaughter of innocents and other great stuff perfect for 14 year old fangirls. Good on ya for smashing the eye.

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