Oct 10, 2008

Female Trouble

God, what a week. My sister self-destructs, and then Ginger, our "rescue" terrier, takes another bite out of the BF.

I was thinkin' about Sis again. She apparently had this warrant out for her arrest because she was driving under the influence and hit a garbage truck (WM logo, BTW) last year. And instead of going to court and facing up, she ummm, goes to Hawaii INSTEAD! So she gets back, and things seem all fine and she has a lie about everything to make the family think every thing's cool, but secretly the cops have her number, and she knows it! So it eats at her, and eats at her, and she listens to a neighbor who tells her she's looking at at LEAST 5 years in the slammer and the paranoia basically makes her CRAZY!

Truth is, she's not a high priority for Kirkland's Finest, so they never actually get around to her arrest, until yesterday, when she totally FLIPS OUT and starts accusing everyone on her street of NARCING on her to the cops! She does this in her usual demure fashion, which would be SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS in the middle of the street using every profanity ever written!!!

Her timing is perfect, because at the same time a bunch of soccer moms are walking their precious cargo home from school right on that very same street! The mom's freak, and call the cops, who run her name, see the warrants, and come calling. So basically, Melanie's fear caused her to act in a way that caused her worst fear to manifest!

My life is a freakin' movie.

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