Oct 20, 2008

How to Sell Soap...

From recent comments...


aferrismoon said...

....and blow pretty bubbles.

happened to be reading Carlo Suares and noted the enumeration for Sarah [ sister of Abraham].
ShRH = 505[ after her name was altered]. thought it was semi-synchy

Dennis Igou said...

WTF, is this syncromystic? You need to get this porn web site removed from the syncro mystic blogspotters page. Live and let live. But I fail to see any syncromystic content in your porno images. You do synch up sometimes. That is why I peruse your blog on occassion, put your pics of porn on your personal site. I think you do a dis-service having such iomages on the syncromystic blogspotters page.Respectfully, Dennis

Michael said...

Hi Dennis,

This IS my personal blog! I didn't know what synchromystic even WAS until last year, and I sure don't aspire to be a synchromagician. I didn't add gosporn to the SB list, and if you'd like to petition to have it removed, fine.

I mean come on... what the bleep is gosporn all about? It's not about synchs, though they play a part. It's about coming to grips (hehe) with the divinity within our sexual nature, and how that is something to celebrate, not censor!

I tell you the truth, no man will enter heaven without getting over his phallic shame.

Cheers, Michael

Anonymous said...

just surfing along, then BlaMMo!

8=> CoCkDeiSel <=8

right in your face

but this gOSporn

and you expected such

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