Oct 30, 2008

The Diva

Kylie Showgirl - Youtube. It's 9:11 long, but the fun starts at 4:40.

Gay men always have their divas - it's a fact of gay life. Here is KM playing the typical diva - with nothing but faggots surrounding her. Note the black and white checkerboard theme and the catsuit. Kylie is safe with queers, totally secure in the knowledge that no matter how much she bumps and grinds, we only have eyes for each other, and wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole.

Kylie is symbolic of the "Grail", and gay men are her Guardians. I think it's totally amazing that God created a "class" of men who would make perfect guardians of the divine feminine - men He can trust. Spartans.


Dr Do Little said...

Oh Michael - Is this payback? (In the nicest possible way) :D. Bliss! (I’m going to post this and rewatch).

KM is my all time favourite & I saw that concert (with Grasshopper). My only Minogue concert. I’m not a Big Concert goer either. I had to watch the screen for a lot of it. I like my stars to be close to me. (I could count P!nks toes we were so close when she performed locally. )

Grasshopper amassed & presented me with her entire collection at Xmas & I keep it in in my computer shelf. (Turns to smile at it as I write.) I was actually just thinking about it yesterday - cause I miss him.

KM is the ‘Impossible Princess‘. Unable to secede Madonna. In the shadow. (Though apparently Madonna was snapped wearing a Minogue shirt.) Interesting that they both moved to London. She had her big break on ‘Neighbours’ - a soap I’ve synced with and written of a couple of times…Like it was my life [wink]…The worst thing I’ve heard of KM is that she can be a bit stingy with her tips(probably the OZ in her. We don’t tip here.)

Oh, and BTW, some profound insight there!

Esperanto Grrl said...

I always loved the Grail legends.

One trend I don't entirely agree with is the tendency to take works of literature that stretch back into the pagan past (like Parzifal) and "de-Christianize" it, as if Christianity and the Christian worldview was something imposed on it instead of an integral part of its telling.

This is what makes pre-1950 analysis of Beowulf in particular so embarassing: in the search for "manly" paganism, almost the entire poem, composed at a single point by a single poet (a Christian and probably a monk) would be invalidated! Beowulf without Christianity would be a totally different story.

Parzival is a great story to read, particularly in these times, especially for the ending, which had a weird gnostic union between Christianity and Islam. (Though they got some details hilariously wrong, like the idea Muslims worship Jupiter).

Feirefiz actually is an interesting figure: a mixed-race Halfrican that is the best knight of the world, and the only one to ever best Parzival. A definite Obama figure for sure.

ACK! Listen to me! I've been visiting this blog too long. You've given me crazy! :-)

The Secret Sun said...

I see this differently- this performance is how homosocial groupings of self-identified hets- bodybuilders, Masons, sports bars, fascists, whatever- use armoring (usually muscles) to protect their inner pussy. Like the old Captain Beefheart song- "You Know You're a Man," the refrain goes- "deep within your heart/you know you're a girl." Very Reichian.

I think this is all extremely ritualistic, in a psychological way.

Michael said...

That' great about KM and Madonna. Given the "pole-shift" mythos gaining steam, perhaps Kylie will dethrone her one day. "Neighbors" is the name of the oldest gay dance club in Seattle. I remember dancing on speakers...

EG - aHA! Getting an Obama synch out of the Grail Legend out of a Kylie Showgirl number - you are SO gone grrl.

Chris - I think your interpretation of this ritual is probably better than mine, though they might overlap. Lots and lots of history about eunuchs (gay men) being in charge of the king's household/concubines, etc. Daniel was probably a eunuch.

I've been reading Bill in Exile, by a gay Marine, and he has some interesting stories to tell. He says the Army calls the Marines "the fighting faggots" because of certain Spartan-like behavior. There's practically a wing of homoerotic fiction devoted to the Marines, and it dawned on me recently that Marines is Marina, Mary. Weird.

Dr Do Little said...

hey Michael, here's KM doing 'Diamonds...'.


I think that’s Rupert Murdoch catching the ‘diamonds’ /rhinestones at approx 4.36...


Dr Do Little said...

And here’s KM ‘Closing’ the 2000 (MM) OZ Olympics with 'Dancing Queen.'

'On a night like this' (It says ‘Phoenix’ in the upper corner)

She then goes on to ‘Open’ the OZ (MM) Paralympics with ‘Celebration’ dressed as a Gold Idol.

Michael said...

Alright already, KM is a tool of the Illumimati. No doubt. sigh...

fang said...


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