Oct 9, 2008

Keeping Our Heads

My sister has been acting irrationally all week. She's been calling the parents with paranoid delusions of the police being after her, thinking they were staking her out, watching her. I saw her this morning, we crossed paths as we were walking our respective dogs. She asked us some bizarre questions, and she wasn't drunk (unusual in itself) but V and I both commented afterwards that we thought she had finally gone round the bend.

Finally this evening, she makes another panicky call to mom, and according to her boyfriend, she was throwing clothes on the bed, packing, ready to make a run for it! Finally she bolts out of the house onto the street, running smack into the cops!

As it turns out, she had a bench warrant out for her arrest from last year (stemming from a DUI), and the ever speedy Kirkland Keystone Cops had finally come for her. So she wasn't paranoid delusional after all... she was telling the truth!

Stemming from my Rocket Research last month, I found that Alan Arkin (who had played Peevy Peabody - the airplane mechanic who made the rocket/grail actually work) starred in the 1979 cult classic The In-Laws, along with Peter Falk. Falk plays Vince Recardo, who tells hysterically exaggerated tales of his (CIA) consulting work in 1954 Guatemala. Arkin plays Sheldon Kornpett, mild-mannered Manhattan dentist.

As the adventures of Sheldon (Alan Arkin) and Vince become more outlandish, Sheldon becomes convinced that Vince is also insane. Still somehow he cannot abandon Vince, perhaps due to the impending marriage of their children, or perhaps due to his general decency, and goes along with his crazy schemes, having his life threatened on more than one occasion. --Wikipedia

Sheldon eventually realizes that Vince has been telling the truth about everything, and it all works out well (and profitably) for them both!

There's a lesson in there somewhere.

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