Apr 20, 2014

Easter Mass and Mini Elephants

I attended Easter Mass this morning with Our Lady, the Star of the Sea, whom the Catholics call St. Mary, the Greeks called Aphrodite, the Egyptians called Isis, and the Babylonians called Ishtar. I expect the average Christian isn’t fond of the idea that all their icons are re-booted pagan gods and goddesses, but for me it is a comfort. It helps me keep faith in the archetypes, even as they change their names over the eons.

Anyway, the service itself was straight out of Star Trek: The Return of the Archons episode. A bunch of primates worshipping a computer. They even carry an ornate bible down the center aisle - the Word, you know. Let’s call it a computer chip - the “Code”.

Set in the 23rd century, the series follows the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise. In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise encounters a seemingly peaceful world controlled by an unseen religious leader, but discovers that the end of social evils has removed everyone's individuality.

I’m not exactly against the idea of worshipping a computer, as long as it was, you know, God-like. Philip K. Dick called it VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System), and the study of sync certainly reinforces the idea that we are all essentially sub-routines running inside a universal, holographic computer program.

This service was marred by a bad, buzzy speaker, you could barely understand the words being spoken. I took this as a sync metaphor for a lack of communication skills with the mainframe MCP. We’ve lost the code, and all we can do is blindly follow ritual, pushing the Jesus Submit button over and over again but nothing actually happens.

The reason nothing happens is not that the computer isn’t there, but that we simply don’t have the right passwords and protocols anymore. The Elders of Zion don’t just give it away. “In the name of Jesus…” is simply saying the password and expecting results, as if the Jesus was your best app ever. Maybe it really IS the best app ever, but it’s name isn’t Jesus, it’s probably a lot closer to THX 1138.

Sync is the study and re-learning of this ancient protocol, the symbolic language of VALIS. As we learn it, the world is gradually revealed to be a giant Donkey Kong simulation. (see what I did there?) And that’s the fun, because we are learning to push the right buttons on the game console.


I’ve been having extremely vivid earthquake/landslide dreams over the past month. The most recent was last night, where Var and I were driving the VW somewhere, the ground began shaking, and soon every mountain range around us began crumbling, as if the entire world is going down. The dreams feel very real and very troubling, but I don’t fear them anymore. The earthquakes are the result of Poseidon banging his trident upon the ground. Poseidon is the god of the sea, or the subconscious. So quite naturally, the ‘quakes are heard first in the dreamspace holodeck of the subconscious, which then manifest and become our dimension, through a process of 3D printing.
For in him we live and move and have our being
~ Acts 17:28

Mini Elephants

What kind of reality will we create? Mini-elephants is the best we can come up with? For some reason I keep seeing miniature elephants. Stardust, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Mysterious Island, all feature mini-phants.

Ganesh is the elephant bringer of good luck, but you know, he rides on a mouse. Maybe because he has to obey the click.


Sibyl Hunter said...

Love this post...especially the elephants which are personally meaningful to me at this time. Most of all I love when we're all "syncing" up. I've been dreaming of earthquakes, too. Two mornings ago it felt like everything was still shaking as I awoke.

Anonymous said...

Mary is not rehashed pagan goddesses. as she is not worshipped, nor would she want to be, but there might be the one called "Astarte" or one of those names pretending to be her to some post '60s-born alleged seers and mystics, who seem to be such after going to Medjugorje, where there have been un-seer-like un-Marian-like behavior from the children and disobedience to the bishop by the apparition. There happens to be one of those odd pyramids in Bosnia--any coincidence the miracles could happen by demons who can fake divine ones? Jesus is not Mithras or Quetzlcoatl, either. For one thing, the teachings are much different. It's said the latter has similarities to Jesus's story based on a monk: Saint Brendan the
Traveler, whose teachings got corrupted by the Aztecs. It's likely other similar stories likely were rip/offs and corruptions of the knowledge of prophecies
Adam was told or what was known of how Christ would come and die before the Tower of Babel collapse. Jews had most knowledge passed by speech; not the word. How manh people would have been literate, anyway? There's a line in Lord of the Rings, I believe, about the history degrading into mere stories. These corruptions, nonethfless, prepared people to hear the Apostles out.

Michael said...

Thank you Sibyl for the comment.

And thank you Anon as well, I didn't know anyone actually read this old blog anymore.

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