Apr 12, 2011

The Piper Gets an Advance

I live on 22nd street so naturally I’m interested in the Fool, in all his many costumes. The Jester, Joker, Parsifal or Fool, is usually portrayed wearing bright multi colors, which is the same meaning as “pied”. The pied piper rids Hamlin from a scourge of rats, but is not paid properly by the villagers, so he takes their children, instead.

Remember back on 3/17 when the “widow of Osiris” offered to help financially with Oliver’s vet bills? Well, she followed through, and she delivered on April 1. I chuckled at the time... saying to myself, “I guess sometimes even the fool gets paid”.

The funny thing is, we have recently discovered rats in the attic. And it occurred to me that “rat” could mean any kind of parasitic character that eats by taking cheese from its host, say for instance... bankers. Hmmm. How to rid the global village of an infestation of bankers? That’s gonna take one hell of a better mouse trap. Either that or a damn good flute.

A fool and his money are soon parted, and well, I’m a good example of that. I just don’t work for money, it’s not the way I’m wired. Or rather, I can be induced to work for money since that’s how I eat, but I don’t much like it. Truth is, I want what money can’t buy.

“He doesn’t want money. He wants what money can’t buy”

I wonder, what ever happened to those children of Hamlin? Maybe they became pipers themselves.


James said...

Break yoself, Fool!

Sorry, Gangsta, Just Bustin' = )

so you'll never guess, this morning Randle Patrick / Red Plaid led me to joker jack and all the fun he has in his movies.

peace out bro, its been a while, but thats how the flow goes <3



Eunus Noe said...

I sometimes think about parasites too. . .

here is a secret, kids sometimes don't wash their hands good enough and pick up all kinds of nasty things.

What keeps a kid from having a parasite explosion? A rich diet of garlic, funny huh? So it's true the folk tale about keeping the vampires away!

that said, I think your intuition is correct in that we are undergoing a cleansing and a correction--a soft apocalypse.
take care.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Sort of like the suitors of Penelope, eating all of Odysseus' food? He had to kill them with arrows (Eros).

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Okay, I want to write about how much I liked this post but DB's little comment about the parasites on the hand is just crazy.
I had this insane dream last night that there was something growing inside the underside of one of my fingers. (Can't remember if it was pointer of middle finger). It got bigger and more painful till it finally popped in the most painful way possible and a plant came out. Even as I'm screaming in pain and bleeding from this large open wound, I'm wondering if I should put the plant in soil.
I was torn. The thing came out of me and was alive so I was tempted to nurture it, but I was afraid that if it caused me so much harm it might be parasitic and spread into other human-harming plants.
I woke before making the choice.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Michael, I'm with you. Even when occasionally tempted to sell out for money, I can't really push myself to be a whore (or many times even to find a way to feed myself). I want what money can't buy. It's the only thing that has any value to me.

WV: heractil (Am I a heretic for saying such things?)

Michael said...

The plaid/jester costume. Perfect. Blackwatch.

I wonder, what is "garlic" in an alchemical sense? That might be what is growing from the hand of Alan... something painful to the senses, and yet... necessary. The "bitter pill".

I have a little secret too. Var is convinced that raw garlic saved him from the plague. It sort of ruined his garlic sensitivity, but hey... a small price to pay.

Eunus Noe said...

the curiosity for me in terms of parasites lately is the notion of "the ground of being"--the idea that all of us are God's parasites!!! yet, because I always turn it all the way around (or because I'm such a narcissist)--if I am the ground of being, how do I create a world that creates a just balance--instead of an explosion of parasitic imbalance.

--the other notion winking of course is the idea of parallel universes and what that entails. Can one shift into the new earth?

(been reading lots of science lately for some reason, you will no doubt see this bubble up soon enough. . . )
hope you are well!

Michael said...

I sometimes think of the tithe as representing the "tax" or offering that we egoic experiencers give back to the Experiencer, which makes God a sort of parasite, but really feeding off Himself, the Ouroboros. Besides we egos get to keep 90 percent, which is a much better deal than any banker will give.

Off topic: had a doozy of a dream last night. Var and I traveled into the near future in a flying house (how Dorothy can you get) which was full of robot workers. It was more like Caprica just before the Cylon rebellion than 'I Robot'. Quit disturbing.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Ok, last night, after I commented, Melissa came home with a bag of Garlic that she had been gifted by a mom of a kid she teaches dance to. Seems the woman had an excess of garlic and wanted to share. After I stopped laughing at the blatant sync, I made a very garlic heavy dinner. ...Something to keep the "vampires" away.

Devin said...

I wish I had the dreams that you, Var and others in blogland have with more frequency!!
You know -one thing I am starting to think is that the elite-the bankers, kissinger, zbig all of them ---I used to think they were all very conscious of what they were doing-and I am sure wrt details they are --but wrt the big picture --anymore i am not so sure-
I wonder if in some ways our current reality has been structured to 'take' a certain amount of parasites/evil in order to make it 'evolve' some how -and if this is true I hope like fuck we are at about the end of the evil we can absorb!!

this is just a theory which i may come to completely reject -what got it started is the research i was doing wrt the atom bomb --and there are things that make me think -you know--we are 'supposed' to have that damn bomb at this time in history -for what? our end? to make us evolve to a higher level? I just dont know.
but somehow i keep getting that certain things were always going to and had to happen in our reality.
will tell you more if i can be more specific and such - I have been on gosporn a long time tonight -but was 'derailed' over an hour for a phone call i wasnt expecting haha.
hugs to you and Var!!

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