Apr 6, 2011

Getting Clear

“Clear” is a word that keeps syncing back at me. Clear blue sky, getting clear of obstacles, Clear Wire.
Clear in Dianetics and Scientology is one of two levels a practitioner can achieve on the way to personal salvation. A state of Clear is reached when a person becomes free of the influence of engrams, unwanted emotions or painful traumas not readily available to the conscious mind. Scientologists believe that human beings harbor memories of past lives, and that by applying dianetics they can reach Clear.
Is it bad form to sync with discredited sci-fi cults? I don’t think so, since that would disqualify all the ancient religions with their sky Gods, flying chariots and such. But it IS true that I’ve felt a bit cloudy or foggy as I attempt to focus on the Man in the Mirror. Maybe my engrams are getting in the way? I’ll try a shot of Windex*.

As I gaze into the mirror, I’m reminded of the myth of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. Daffodils, or Narcissus, are all in bloom this week, and I’ve always found them to be unusually cheerful flowers, the harbingers of spring. Gay men tend toward the Narcissistic, of course, but in the end, all spiritual seeking evolves into a seeking after your true Self, which is perhaps a form of Gnostic Narcissism. I think this classic clip from Big Business starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin pretty much sums up where I'm at right now.

 “Who are you, and where the hell do you come from!?”

*In My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father of the bride had a universal solution to every ailment: a squirt of Windex.


crystal rose said...

michael, i've really been enjoying your posts. it's refreshing to read something honest, CLEAR, and transparent :) I was also recently thinking about the story of Narcissus, about how easy is to get caught up in doing the same - obsessed with staring at our reflection = the 'outer' world, instead of looking within to see where all this madness and beauty originates.
great clip!

Michael said...

Thanks for commenting, CR, much appreciated. Yea, that Big Business clip is perfect. One of my favorite films from the late 80's.

Cogent Ascending said...

Love the windex remark.
Spent all weekend trying to find the windex I knew I bought to clean my mirrors and windows without any luck and I'm too stubborn to buy more.
I know as soon as I do I will find the bottle I already bought.

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