Apr 3, 2011

Wake Up Call

SAM I am, the Hammering Man

Yesterday I went to visit sis for lunch (bro and I used to call her “twisted sister”, so there ya go) who didn’t remember I was coming over at noon because she was passed out in bed with a half empty magnum of Gallo’s finest standing silent witness. I gently nudged her shoulder and spoke quietly to try to awaken her so as to not cause a start, as I took out the phone and began to dial 911. She moved a bit and mumbled. Good. Saturday wasn’t going to be a 911 day.

Today, I find myself sending a belated April Fools letter to a friend.

All pathos and comedy aside, It sort of snuck up on me. I’M the one who is asleep! I’m in this dualistic  nightmare and I can’t wake up!!! Islamo-Secular? Commie-Fascist?? Hello? It’s not just me. The very fact that our political discourse has suddenly become an insane conjunction of opposites is just par for the golf course of dualism realizing its singularity.

You know, I hate to admit it, but I actually threatened a hammer at the man in the mirror today. Apparently gentle nudges and speaking quietly is not working. I’m not just asleep, I’m comatose. I dunno, maybe threats will work. It seems to work for everyone else, why not try it on my Self?  Sometimes, it takes a bit of, shall we say, “theatrics”, to wake up. Wake up! Wake the fuck up!!!


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

okay, blogger ate my comment.

basically, I've been thinking about that guy in my reflection a lot lately too. Went into the store yesterday and "man in the mirror" playing and a pile of similar syncs aside from my own mental musings.
Another thing has been the same question you raised. Are we in a waking dream reality or just completely fucking asleep at the wheel?

John said...

I'm getting that same feeling also, that my everyday world is becoming more and more dreamlike. I wonder sometimes, I've never been this old before, is this normal? But I'm pretty sure my pile of birthdays has little to do with it.

Yeah, Obama, that Islamic satan-worshiping fascist commie leader of a secret army of Black Chinese Moslem Homos from Mexico, bent on Destroying America and forcing everyone to kneel before Oprah, has announced for re-election... Can I please please REALLY go to sleep? Ah, no- ya see, we're #Winning!

I'm inclined to go back and re-read the great writers of the period just before the First World War; my recollection is that they described a zeitgeist similar to this. One amazing incoherent pile of batshit crazy interwoven complexity, trembling on inadequate worm-eaten pilings, just waiting for some hyped-up ignorant nineteen year-old to pry loose one cracked bolt, which'll make the whole pile tumble.

It seems to me that the inner mind takes theatrics seriously, generally failing to see the stage hands.

Devin said...

Hi Michael --great post as always --and I super enjoyed the comments just as I did your article -- with the very few (like 3 or 4 i think) blogs i read with any sort of consistence/constancy?anymore i have noticed that the comments are usually above the norm
and i am so fucking relieved others are feeling this strange dreamlike quality - i have been on and off for some years now-and 2011 has been by far the strangest (and dreamlike) year for me ever so far and it isn't even half over yet!!
my giggolo friend who i am madly in love with (think i mentioned him very briefly on my blog months ago) has a sister with the exact type of problems it sounds like -so i hope and pray that both of these 'sisses' get better immediately if not sooner!!
i will have to look for the world war one stuff john mentioned too -interesting to say the least!!
sorry as always for my typing and grammar -my hands are getting to where they have some numb areas so i dont know if the typing is going to get any better -the only thing i really try to watch anymore is my spelling
best as always to you and Var my friend and i hope to be back before and during the weekend to catch up with more of gosporn!!
o btw the obama stuff is hilarious-even tho i dont like the dude anymore i find it insane the lengths to which the 'haters' go to discredit him --i received an "is obama the antichrist" youtube video from a friend!!
actually obama is serving the right wing elements (MIC,banks etc) of our contry so well they may just have to get him re-elected if they can (as pointed out by Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque blog)

Michael said...

Thanks all for the comments, really appreciated. I guess I'm not alone on planet weird.

John: the WW1 analogy is interesting, because it resulted in "Balkanization". The US is already cleanly divided into red and blue states, thanks to the media. All it would take is as you put it, "a hyped up 19 year old" - lone gunman.

Devin, so glad you stopped by and thanks for the comments here and elsewhere. The Secret Sun has been mighty quiet lately, I don't know why but I'm starting to worry.

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