Mar 31, 2011

Right On Target

Well, I finally finished my Holy Grail book, ‘One King, One Country’. It ends with a Catch 22: The Grail only responds to the pure of heart (pulling the sword from the stone), but only the most murderous of men can attain the Grail (in the end, there can be only one). Along the way there have been odd sync after sync:

Sibyl posts a story about Thoth and Ma’at, relating how your soul (Ka) must be weighed against the “Feather of Ma’at”, and a day later the book sends a character through this exact Egyptian ceremony, being greeted by Anubis at the gateway to the afterlife and then judged by Thoth, using a single feather of Ma’at on an enormous set of scales. A day after that, I see an enormous and solitary black bird do an odd arial maneouver - a Raven. Famous for its “Caw”. Ma'at's feather is traditionally shown as white, so who's feather is black?

Later, the Once and Future King must kill his two father feathers (see below) in order to claim the Grail throne, and he uses his US army training and a sniper rifle to do it. A day later (In LaConner), I note this bumper sticker:

Snipe: to shoot at exposed individuals (as of an enemy's forces) from a usually concealed point of vantage.
This conjures up images of the Grassy Knoll, and the recent shooting of the 'Beast' by Jared the Lone Gunman in Phoenix (Born Again), AZ (Alpha and Omega).

The Grail myth implies that the true Grail King must be a black man, and come Out of Africa. A modern religion was founded on the belief that Haile Selassie, the 'Lion of Judah', descendent of King Solomon and Queen Makeda, Empress of Axum, AKA the Queen of Sheba, was the one prophesied to come. That’s why Obama resonates so strongly for Africa. He is the King, and the mystery of his birth certificate creates a sense of intrigue about his true origins. Might he be hiding his noble lineage until the proper time is come? Note how the war in Libya is called the “Noble” war. Ah well, we know from 1962 how Grail Kings are treated. Will he also be nailed to a cross?



I have all these “focus” and “echo” syncs swimming around, it finally occurred to me to look at the man in the mirror and just focus on the 'family'. Who is Alice, Who am I, Who are You? Who, who, hoo, hoo.

Maybe I’m trying to open a dialogue with my self/Self, and listen to the messages in the margins. I do have a sense of urgency. With Japanese radiation streaming here every day, my ego suspects that time is indeed short. So far, the only thing I’ve found the two sides to unanimously agree upon is sex. So that’s our Common Ground.


The Myth of Two Dads:  In occult biblical myth, Eve is the mother of two children, by two fathers. Adam (being created by Jehovah) is the father of Abel, while Cain is the son of Satan, or Lucifer, the “snake” of knowledge. The familial rivalry begins there, and continues even to this day. See Prince William and Prince Harry.

 Right on Target - Paul Parker


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

There are multiple things in here that ring out for me as direct personal sync hits. The catch-22 of obtaining and using the grail, JFK/Obama has been high on my radar, the feeling of urgency, and even the "right on target"
The video I made for 3/17 (that my computer refuses to spit out) uses a clip from Escape From NY where Kurt Russell is flying to the WTC and he says "Right on Course"
This is the only clip I could find on YouTube:

Something tells me your aim is true.

I have a Who t-shirt with the bullseye logo and the arrow points right up to my face. It's sort of like an "I'm with Stupid" telling me "the Who? is Me."
"Go to the miror" and see yourself.

wv: tHOPE

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Of course, Tommy only becomes "Free" when he "Smashes The Mirror"
Smash the Mirror:
I am Free:

The movie is pretty piss poor (though I would have let Tina Turner be my Acid Queen any a child I remember seeing her dance to Rolling on the River in a tiny skirt and understanding for the first time the magic of a woman's body).

Musically, I think Tommy is one of my least favorite Who albums, but there is magic in the lyrics.
"If I told you what it takes to reach the highest high, you'd laugh and say nothing is that simple. But you've been told many times before, Messiah's pointed to the door, but no one had the guts to leave the temple."

PS: In looking for these clips on YouTube, I see that they have this weird "1911" theme going. It's strange to see 911 plastered all over everything.

Michael said...

Alan, even your FB comment about "a double take" syncs into all those "seeing double, mirror, focus, echo, twin" syncs.

"Right On Target" is an old queer disco hit from 1982. Listening to the words it sounds like a hymn to Eros or maybe Horus - "wHo R US". Looking up Paul Parker's listing in Wikipedia I see he survived the AIDS crisis and is now collaborating with UTMOSIS, err.. Tuthmosis?

Thanks for the Who vids - love Anne Margret as the scarlet woman. I chose the Who shoes because they sort of reminded me of Mercury's winged sandals and of course, the Ruby Slippers.

I've noticed the steampunk Youtube logo as well. Very odd. See how your last comment is time stamped 12:21 - another freakin' mirror.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

The Comedian on the Grassy Knoll? The black feather ... Uncle Aleister?

Devin said...

Here is one thing I will mention before I either forget that it briefly entered my consciousness or just plain forget to mention it -reading these posts and the comments -especially when anything alpha to omega is brought up -for some reason always causes me to think of Obama-also many things I read with regard to alchemy remind me of Obama -btw it would be endlessly fascinating for me if Obama is somehow related to Haile Selassie -wow-the 'Lion' King indeed!!
if I rememver right -(which is a big maybe anymore haha) Joe Biden is from Delaware -the first state admitted to the union --and of course Obama is from Hawaii the last state admitted --I just can't escape the notion lately regarding Biden's last name and the "1st to Last" or even 1st to 50th? a possible 501/Osiris thing? maybe that is stretching it too far indeed? but regarding the states they are from -and i hope it doesnt sound frikking absurd to you and others -but can easily see how it would -that the first to last state thing is an alpha to omega (whether intended or not-the same with Osama/Obama/Biden/Trump names) thing with regard to the USA-
Man now that I have typed it up it does seem even dumber haha.
Whether anything I come up with is valid tho or not- I DO FEEL that the stuff you and alan, eleleth, sibyl, chris knowles and a few more - is very valid!!
and the things you all talk about are helping me on my own spiritual search.

Dark Star recently introduced me to the work of someone who says that the whole of reality is a fraud from a to z-starting with the atom/Adam? and the person Brian Kemila -seems to have some very good stuff in relation to numbers and names and their synch relations-but I just dont know if I can 'buy' (not that he's tryin to sell:-) the idea that no conscious/unconscious thinking experience has ZERO validity.

I will continue to look at his work and all-but for me -someone who usually has to be hit over the frikkin head to 'get' certain things--even I have had moments of such beauty and 'sublime' guidance and wisdom from somewhere-and love-in fact sometimes i think that the largest 'truth' in this or any universe IS love!!

I guess the way I should have put it is that I can easily see this reality as a type of prison -but I also think the 'prison' is populated with very meaningful people, places, understandings etc-(if I understand Brian right he thinks that even Jung's work, entheogenic experiences and the like have no validity)and that the KEY to these prison doors is within us-all of us-from the worst Wall ST asshole to the most self-abnegating spiritual person that gives more of themself in 20 minutes than some do in a lifetime.

I will continue to try to come up with things for myself and others although I have many false starts and dead ends in my research.
sorry about the length of this comment Michael --I didnt mean to leave a blog post!!
I look forward to being in touch very soon and will check my email before signing off tonight/am (and of course no big deal if you didnt get a chance to write about your dream yet. will also check the mask of god tonight or tomorrow-all of you over there really wonderful stuff!!
hugs to you and Var!!
wv= duchau (Dachau?)

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