Mar 5, 2011

Ah Honey, Honey

“REPEAT” is a sync gaining in ground, or maybe I should say "répétez-vous". Noticed a black rubber arm band on the grounds of Ben Franklin Elementary yesterday that Var pointed to and said “Look, we’ve found the ring!” It had a fleur de lis and the words “REPEAT DAT” printed on it in yellow, and the date of Feb 6, 2011. Wonderfully mysterious, non?
Embedded a Quicktime movie into a website today. (note the “tin/male/mars” symbol embedded into the smerfy logo) You have to repeat all the parameters twice. Of course, going BACK to the future is a repeating meme around here.


Brian (old frat bro) friends me on Facebook. He now lives in New Orleans, emblem is the fleur de lis. Note the hornet or “bee” embedded into the New Orleans Hornets logo.

Var brings home Aqua Panna mineral water today, when I looked at the logo after all these fleur de lis synchs it was a WTF? moment. Fleur de Lis synchs with France, the royal bloodline or sangreal, the Holy Grail, Napoleon, Nemo, bees, and honey. (not going to do the back story on all that)

“Honey” is occult bible speak for semen - “the Land of milk and honey”.

Greek Gods brand Hermes Yogurt... honey flavored.

Note: I’ve decided that I’m like the father character in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” who can always find the Greek root of any word, even "Kimono". I find the penis in every myth. What can I say? I’m a fag. You expected otherwise?

Sugar Sugar, the Archies.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

I will often spontaneously blurt out "MMMMWWWWUUUAAAAHHH THE FRENCH," in reference to this Horus-Son Welles commercial. No idea why.

JB said...

"Feb 6, 2011"

The day I died by my own hand, AGAIN.

"Repeat dat/death"

Nice Ancient Greece connection, not to mention that the true blue fleur-de-lys is the national symbol of my homeland of Québec.

If I truly am the modern-day Achilles, then it means I chose bloody, violent death over eternal life TWICE in my meta-existence. Except this time I didn't have to wait 3,200 years before waking up.

Nice personal synchronicity in this post.

Michael said...

El: What an amazing clip. War of the Worlds, Paul Mason.

JB: That's amazing. Your blog is also in French. Are you sure that you/Achilles hasn't incarnated previously as some kind of Merovingian or Templar or something?

JB said...

It's funny you would say that, because I remember the wild theories of some crazy Russian historian "proving" that all of history had been rewritten by the Jesuits only a few centuries ago, so that Achilles, Alexander the Great and the leader of the first Christian Crusade were one and the same, Jerusalem being in fact the fabled city of Troy everyone lusted after.

So yeah, maybe I WAS a Merovingian/Templar in some seriously f***ed up hyper-timeline. ;)

GreggerMan said...

It is relatively easy to obtain and grow the Fleur de Lis in your own garden. Especially if you like hardy easy to care for plants that, though beautiful, are considered weeds. Iris pseudocorus, the Yellow Flag Iris (AKA the "Flower of The King" and was mistaken for a lily in olden days), is a noxious weed that grows throughout the US after being introduced here from Europe. It is notorious for clogging waterways as it prefers to grow on the banks of lakes, streams and canals. But it will grow in ordinary garden soil and, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight, it will produce many bright yellow flowers and sword blade like leaves up to 3.5 feet long. I recommend it to anyone with a brown thumb.

On the fleur de lis the center piece is called a "standard" and the two side pieces are called "falls".

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