Mar 20, 2011

Drawn and Quartered

The coin had been minted in 1317, in the Vatican’s own molds, just ten years after the great farce of the Templar suppression... used as passkeys into dialogue that would otherwise be fatal to one party or the other. --One King, One Soldier

In the apocryphal Grail myth, there is a certain gold coin that is used between Templars, Jesuits and Saracens, to decide the big issues. On one side is a figure of a dismembered man, and on the other is a man with the head of bird.

Alan at All the Happy Creatures posted this fantastic image of what was going on symbolically in the Masonic rocket to Mercury (Thoth) expedition, lift off on 3/17 - Osiris Day.

I was in town last week buying herbal tea with Templars, gold coins, Thoth and Osiris running around in my head and I got back a quarter in change. On a hunch I pull it out of my pocket to examine. On one side was, of course, the head of George Washington, and on the other was a figure of a man with the head of a bird...

King Kamehameha I of the Hawaiian Islands, all dressed up in bird feather headdress. Thoth, check.

Washington is a bit more obscure, but not by much. Washington was the Father of the country, much like Osiris was the “Father” of the world. The US was formed of 13 states, or dismembered parts. Isis searched the world and gathered her dead husband’s parts, but could not find the missing phallus. She should have looked in Washington DC.

O Sire US

The “flipping of the coin” meme has been well presented in popular culture, perhaps no more so than in the film 'Batman, the Dark Knight', (AKA the Caped CRUSADER). Harvey Dent, AKA Two Face is literally two sides of the same coin, but he can only present one side at a time. So he flips to decide. Will you be serving Mercy or Justice today, sir?

The two columns of Solomon’s Temple, Joachim and Boaz, are also known as Mercy and Severity (Justice), the two sides of human consciousness that are constantly at odds.

The Dark Knight was brilliant, and perhaps it illustrated exactly what does occur in the Oval Office, late at night:
On the full moon, a group of 14 men, dressed in dark robes, gather, once again, in the Oval Office (Vesica Pisces) to decide the fate of world events. 13 stand around the President, in a circle. Shall we go to war against Libya (Iraq, Iran, Russia, Japan, etc.)? The High Priest hands the President the sacred coin of Thoth/Osiris. His toss will decide the fate of millions. Heads, we go to war, tails we don’t. The coin lands heads up, yet again. The Oracle has spoken, the wheels of war begin turning. The ceremony ends, the High Priest takes back the sacred coin. He drops it safely back into his pocket, right next to the other coin, the one that always lands tails.


Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

The 13 segments of O Sire US + the Phallic CAPital City. That's so perfect.
And that would also seem to bring up the idea of DC as the 51st state. (3x17=51)

wv: mengoodo

Michael said...

Ha! Which is why there can only ever be 50 states in the Union.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Osiris' body parts were supposed to be located in the 14 sacred cities of Egypt, so this parallel is still more exact.

... making herself images [of them] she distributed these to each city, as though she were giving it the [whole] body, in order that it might have honours from the multitude ... (Plutarch)

Dan Brown also makes the Washington Monument/Lost Word (Phallus) connection.

In symbolism the body is divided vertically into halves, the right half being considered as light and the left half as darkness.... darkness is considered as the veil which must eternally conceal the true nature of abstract and undifferentiated Being.

In ancient times men fought with their right arms and defended the vital centers with their left arms, on which was carried the protecting shield. The right half of the body was regarded therefore as offensive and the left half defensive. For this reason also the right side of the body was considered masculine and the left side feminine. Several authorities are of the opinion that the present prevalent right-handedness of the race is the outgrowth of the custom of holding the left hand in restraint for defensive purposes. Furthermore, as the source of Being is in the primal darkness which preceded light, so the spiritual nature of man is in the dark part of his being, for the heart is on the left side.
(Manly Phallus)

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