Mar 18, 2011


Well, Oliver's back home, resting peacefully. I want to attempt to share with you how strange yesterday really was for me, from a sync point of view. Remember the sudden onslaught of Fleur de Lis that began early March?

The morning of the 17th we were visiting Oliver at the vet and this van was parked a few blocks away. It includes 441, the mirror of 144 (the no. of the sealed, 12 times the 12 tribes of Judah, etc.)

Back on the 14th I was walking Ginger (Oliver's sister) to her favorite little park and I found this green fleur de lis lying by the side of the road directly across from it. I picked it up and I've been keeping it in my pocketses...

Back to the 17th. I decided to take 'the Ginj' to her park again, and I found these chalk marks on the sidewalk on the way:

It had nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, just some writing left by some utility worker. We get to the park, which is named Louie Park, after the owner's dog. That gives me Sirius, Louie Armstrong, and Louis 14 the Sun King all in one little sign. Note the danger.

The sign sits on this lonely little shed, which has some gigantic diamonds on it.

If you walk around to the back of the shed, and peak into the 'rear window' ;-), you'll see an old blue Ford Falcon in storage, though when I peaked this time it appears that work is being done on the engine, so maybe Horus is finally getting ready to fly.

Obligatory Hollywood movie poster with a dead Goddess

Continuing on around the block, we come to the Holy Family Catholic Church, and this interesting vehicle parked out front:

It's a red VW Eurovan, which gives us the obligatory Nazi sync (VW was Hitler's "people's car") and yet another 144. Which is "thinking green":

Rounding the corner to head back home, we come across a WSU (Wazzoo) Cougar sign. Mountain LION, or red lion of Judah.

As I was putting the finishing touches on this little yellow brick road, Bring a Trailer posts this orange Alfa Romeo Montreal. 1971, (17 reversed) Montreal (Royal Mountain, Fleur de Lis), "awakened from slumber".

Alfa Romeo has perhaps the most wonderful badge of all automobiles (that's a 'Saracen' in the jaws of the serpent) and they even include a 'quadrifoglio' (4 leaf clover) in their iconography.
So I'm putting all that into my pipe and smoking it during the next week. That is, in between buying canned food and moving into the basement to avoid the radioactive cloud from Japan. On the horizon is March 25, the feast day of St. Dismas, the "good thief". I have a feeling it will be memorable.

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