Aug 22, 2008

Lettuce Pray

Today I cleared a small space in the back yard to plant a garden... specifically spinach and lettuce. My reply to the latest FDA missive permitting unmarked, irradiated spinach and lettuce into the USA food chain. Irradiation destroys the delicate vitamins and phytochemicals within vegetables, the sorts of things your body might find useful in a fight against cancer or any number of pathogens. Sorry, now lettuce is nutritionally equivalent to green cardboard.

My feelings of utter contempt for the FDA and the betrayal of their mandate has reached a new burning level, and I'm not sure exactly why, but this is the straw that broke THIS camel's back. I guess I've always loved salad, and it's always been the one thing I ate that I knew was good for me.

Lest we forget, spinach was last years' media scarecrow - the E. coli boogyman. There are those who believe that Big Pharma and the FDA are in cahoots - sickening the general public slowly but surely - so that the drug companies can offer their high-priced "cures" and suck every last feeble dollar out of us before we die.

It almost makes me think there really IS some kind of conspiracy. A few months ago, tomatoes got the same E. coli "treatment". I wonder are they next on the irradiation hit list?

To the ancient Egyptians, lettuce was associated with Min, the ithyphallic God of fertility and creation - the "Chief of Heaven". Irradiating lettuce is symbolically castrating Min! Columbia (or Isis) is spurning her husband for profit, which lines her right up with the Whore of Babylon. John the Revelator has a few things to say about her.

John the Revelator - Depeche Mode


When I was a young man in my middle twenties, I was a member of a small-town gym that offered massages. I only ever got one, but I remember it. The Masseur was an "old guy", white hair but very fit, and he told me that the key to longevity and health was to eat a green salad every day! This gym was like the most amazing gym in the whole world, because it was the one where I actually made visible progress, and it had a giant (Nephilim) fiberglass statue of a muscle man in the parking lot! The small town was MARYSVILLE, so a synch home run on that one.


FilmNoir23 said...

Very nice...good luck with the growth! And the picture...priceless.


Jenn said...

Yay! and Don't forget the gnome ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that video you put up, it's on my myspace now. I've a really cool Depeche Mode song on my
its the lexicon avenue remix of "Only when I loose myself"

check out Sean Manz if you want, he's got some cools songs and cool videos too. totally check out the videos, gotta see em all

nom nom

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm praying with you too about the lettuce

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, all. Todd - great new pic!

The Depeche Mode video riff is interesting, because the song itself is pretty anti-John, but the video takes the song and applies it to George, which has the effect of making it seem John affirming! I love the secret vault/all-seeing-eye lock thing.

FilmNoir23 said...

Ha, you like that huh?

anadæ said...

Reminds me of Lettucine™ as seen advertised in HIGH TIMES magazine. It was touted out as an extract from the "wild European lettuce" ( yeah, right, sure ) allegedly affecting the imbiber much the same way as would cannabinol-containing Sativa indica. Take it from this wortcunner, don't waste your clams; it just ain't up to snuff.

anadæ said...

Wait a minute ... speaking OF that old antiquated box of morons, the FDA, and betraying their (allegéd) original mandate AND their complicity w/t evil malignancy known as Big Pharma, I think you're on to something, Mike. Take a look at the case of brrrrilliant maverick scientist, Wilhelm Reich, whom the Fuckin' Despotic Asswipes imprisoned for quakery & the distribution of indecent literature (!!!) when, in fact, he had discovered a cure for cancer. He died, DIED, in a federal correctional facility, a broken man, October of 1957. You can read all about it in Jerome Greenfield's "Wilhelm Reich Versus the USA", and that's the evil hung jury USA, not those of us who have minds of our own ( ;-)}

woodywoodman said...

Please reference any info you have regarding the harmful effects of irradiation on food stuff. The current understanding I have is that it is largely safe and helpful, not destructive.

Michael said...

WW, check out:

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