Jun 30, 2013

The Fifth Element

I wore my Captain America shirt this Saturday. I wear my t-shirts on a vary random schedule, but for some reason I was wearing it on Saturn Day, also the start of Gay Pride weekend. I usually wear the shirt and nobody even notices. Not today!

Starting at 9 in the morning, walked to the coop for milk, bread and eggs and some guy points to me and says "Hey, Captain America!"

Later, walking downtown to dinner, we passed our neighbors, Jim and Nacho. Jim was wearing HIS Captain America t-shirt, and Nacho was wearing his red devil pentagram t-shirt, which is more or less the same thing, being a 5 pointed star. Nacho gets extra points for the cool lightning flash pointing at the pentagram. That and the fact that he's actually a vet.

We ate at the Khu Larb, the Thai restaurant named after "the rose". The menu says the name comes from the symbol of beauty and perfection. Let us not forget the rose is quintradially symmetrical. Like Venus.

So rainbowy

After sitting down at "The Rose", our waiter points out that the bartender is wearing the same -t-shirt. Jesus, we're all Captain America today?

Icing on the cake, the bill came to a nickel over $25, and so Var placed a 5 cent piece over the cash, to make it clear we wanted back even bills for change. Walking home, the Bank of America clock was stuck at 5:00, even thought it was well past 8:30.

I suppose this syncs with the Fifth Element I found last "super moon" weekend.

Nice box

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