Feb 11, 2009

Life is but a Dream

The frequency of personal novelty has ramped up a bit lately, and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed something similar? It seems like since the new year, something a bit odd or strange happens about every two weeks. Like on Christmas day the coincidence that we received an e-card from friends telling us they had named their new German Shepherd SHIVA, and within the hour we were attacked by a pair of German Shepherds. See Christmas Morning Goes to the Dogs.

And the Trident (Sawzall) wielding neighbor in blue who I wrote about in Shiva Makes a Housecall.

And a few weeks ago a guy with serious Down's Syndrome walks off the street and into the house!? No ID or intelligible speech, literally drooling on the carpet! He turned out to have escaped the adult "home" a few block away, and for some reason he chose OUR place for a visit. Which isn't anything outrageously strange, just.... odd.

He was wearing black and silver athletic shoes with a prominent "bow tie" emblem on them - made me think of the constellation Orion. Canis Major and Minor are "Orion's dogs". Two dogs. He was also dressed like Starfleet - blue velour sweats with a red shoulder yoke. Werk?!

Meanwhile, Var has been on a "quest" for the terriers favorite doggie treats, which have been oddly sold out in store after store. The brand? Castor and Pollux.

And yesterday, we decided to take the terriers out for a quick poop run at dusk. We passed our neighbor's house, and Paul must have seen us because he opened his front door to yell something to us, but I wasn't really paying attention, because at that moment Var and I both saw two huge off-leash German Shepherds at full trot running straight at us!! They were still about a block away, and we both skedaddled into Paul's house with the terriers in tow, slamming the door behind us!

Paul was a bit surprised by that, until he saw the wolfish creatures run by, slowing slightly to sniff us, and then off at a gallop. We felt like hobbits hiding from Ring Wraiths! These were the same dogs who had attacked us on Christmas Day, now roaming the streets at will!? If Paul hadn't happened to open his door at that exact moment, those hounds of hell would have been upon us.

Paul is Roman Catholic, and his family is the only Catholic family in our immediate neighborhood though there's a Catholic church only about two blocks away from us. We have "pet" names for all the dog walking routes we take, the one that goes by 'Holy Family' is dubbed the Jesus Loop. A church is traditionally a place of refuge - perhaps from the Shiva dogs.

These odd events have a dreamlike quality to them, as if they are gateways to symbolic contemplation and a deeper understanding. Perhaps they are witness to an ever thinning layer between the Ego and the Id, between conscious 3D experience and Imagination Land/Oz. Which might be a really great thing, or it might not...

Thanks to Thuth at Conspiracy Grimoire for his inspiration:

The massive UFO sightings as of late in the US and especially southern South America - plasma balls coming through ‘the veil’ - might be a result of this veil thinning - as are the synchs and the power of archetypes that we have been experiencing with greater and greater veracity as of late.


Anadæ Effro said...

Yeesh, Michael! Your life IS surreal! Life imitating art imitating life! LOL! Mayhaps, jus' mayhaps, your extra-chromosomal accidental house guest was a Precog á La Philip K Dick's "Minority Report". What're they up to at that "home" of his, I wonder?

Cutest Cerberus puppy pic I've ever seen. S'funny how JK Rowling made him/her "Fluffy" in the Harry Potter franchise.

Have more fun but beware careless dog owners. I sense a liable suit rolling down the Yaheshuah Loop.

The Loop, BTW, is the Upper East Side section in Manhattan that spans E. 53rd Street that is well-frequented by, you guessed it, Rent Boys!

I well remember how, back in 1980, I was gonna meat -oops!- meet my then boyfriend after work by the City Corp building there.

Wouldn'tcha 'Gno' it, Michael, a stretch limo pulls up, the back door opens, an ugly, fat, middle-aged fuck in a suit extends one highly-polished shoe out the door onto the pavement, all the while thumbing a wad of bills at me.

I shot him such a look, why, if looks could kill, man, then he'd've been roadkill! He slammed the door shut after registering a shook-up expression & instructed the chauffeur to speed off.

City living, dude!
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment, A. You should take being mistaken for a hustler as a compliment! If only! ;-)

Looking a little more carefully at that Castor and Pollux logo, I see a red Tardis (holy grail) with the moon on her left and twin stars on her right. They are really yanking my chain.

Cheers, Michael

Thuth said...

Tardis - totally. I, too, have noticed a DEFINITE ramping up of synchs - and have also started to think about them in terms of Mckenna's novelty spiral.

You're going to LOVE this, my friend.

I live out in the boonies right now. We have Eagles that land on the tree in front of our house. I have seen an eagle in Lake Michigan in front of our house eating ducks and fish on the ice flows that float by. Deer come up to our front door to eat our IVY.

(I actually killed a deer a few days ago - hitting it with my car and then having to go off into the woods around midnight with a hunter friend to find it and put it out of it's misery - it was quite a "Killing the Stag" experience - which is pretty crazy since both my friend (older) and I are officers in the Elks.

That said, nature is serious out here, and there are LOTS of animals running around.

Three weeks ago two HUGE coyotes started patrolling the area. My father has pictures of them walking down the beach. This is a big deal for us as we have cats that go outside, even in the winter.

They day after I killed the deer, there was a large Coyote poop right off our front deck. Which I promptly buried in the snow bank and pee'd next to as a warning that they shouldn't mess with our territory (ala Never Cry Wolf).

The presence of these two Coyotes has been a big thing for me in the past couple weeks.


Michael said...

Hi Thuth, great story. Coyotes are wil-E, no doubt. They are also great enemies of terriers.

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Michael when I saw the title of this post I nearly fell out of my chair -literally-I thought this just is too strange! I had thought of naming the next series at MFM-by this very set of words! Fascinating (using my Spock voice here) I have noticed a ramp up of synchs in my personal life that I will not bore folks with the details of here-just a bit that i had left under one of aferris' posts about how I wonder if we create our own 'narrative' in reality-this comment related to a short gay fic horror story:-) there is such a sub genre-that I began in 1999 before meeting 'Diego'-the character that is the supernatural character in the story could not have been better described by the actual 'diego' I met in 2004! As there is really so little to our relationship -I almost -altho I am not that over the edge yet-wonder if diego was created 'tulpa-like' from my consciousness-fascinating post as always Michael-will come back to it again if I have time this eve-BTW thanks so much for your thoughts and visiting me at my little blog (history blog) just to know one or two people read it gives me the will power to keep it going-I found your thoughts in your comment there original and interesting as always!!!! best to you and Varen as always -i hope to have the next history post up tomorrow sometime as long as the net connection beast doesnt strike;-) you always get such intelligent comments at your blog and I am delighted to read these also-I am also so thankful for the intelligent folks who stop by either of my blogs-especially as I have very little formal education beyond high school and find the caliber of people who visit me amazing in their thoughtfulness and intelligence. be well always-hugs too!

Michael said...

Devin - thanks for stopping by and commenting. Interesting about 'Diego'. My favorite synch about all this is that your made up name for him is 'San' Diego, which is where you'll find a huge baracks of Marines. Gay porn is so full of fantasy Marines sex that you could open a video store on that subject alone. Marines are the guardians of Mary, the Divine Feminine, the Star of the Sea.

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