Feb 20, 2009

I Hartt Gardeners

Image by Benoit Prevot

Var and I went to the NW Flower and Garden Show yesterday. Var is the gardener, and he is totally into it and goes every year and raves about the displays and I'm like... myeh. However, this is the last year of the show, and he convinced me to go and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The flowers were nice but the gardeners are hot! Ponytailed, sun-tanned guys with broad backs and sturdy legs in their Carhartts, with dirt under their fingernails and an earnest love for growing things. Hey, I'm hanging with Adam!

And then I met a mason, and pretty much fell in love, wouldn't you know it. Not a Freemason - a REAL mason - a guy who actually lifts and arranges rocks for a living. Big and strong, open and proud of his work. His landscaping company had built a Roman arch at the show with no mortar, just stone upon stone, artfully placed, all 5 tons of it. He was telling us how last year they'd built a Gothic arch that was 11 tons! He also started to share his ideas about masonry, how the stones are used over and over through the centuries, by armies and farmers, and it was like I was getting a glimpse into something very profound to this man.

These mini-megaliths are built in the Seattle Convention Center which spans the I-5 freeway, so it's like arches upon arches, which somehow reminded me of "Turtles all the way down".


James Ratte said...

The area around Grand Central and the Chrysler Building is called Turtle Bay.

Michael said...

Thanks James. Oddly, Chrysler products were heavily synching yesterday - that pentastar.

Cheers, Michael

James Ratte said...

My first and only car was a Chrysler Le Baron convertable and I didn't even remember the pentastar! Just a couple days ago I was trying to remember where the story about the Turtles comes from when Black Dog Star
wrote an article that included the Private Parts
movie poster. That synchs because the pentagon is major motiff over there right now. I watched the red pentagon video and saw your new banner already but it's more synch-nificant to me now.

Salud, James

Michael said...

Thanks for sending me over to BSD (bondage, sadomasochism and discipline in the leather world, I think?!) interesting tie-in. I saw a Chrysler TC (a Chrysler collaboration with Maserati) that features a trident within a pentagram logo, which somehow brings me back around to Shiva, destroyer, Mary and all that.

My theory is that cars and their brands resonate the subconscious very nicely because we collectively put so much work, energy, admiration and emotion (worship) into them. Little gods, made in our images.

Cheers, Michael

Anadæ Effro said...

My goodness gracious, Michael, the correct appellate for the Leather Nation (of whatever orientation) initialisation of the (no pun intended) subculture is BDSM for Bondage & Discipline Sadist/Masochist. I cannot tell you how many lady friends I've known who resorted to Dominatrixing to make ends meet in the late eighties/early nineties & who're now married soccer mom housewives.

But, be that as it may, it's indeed interesting what you say about the automobile being created in our likeness as little gods. Are you redefining the meaning of autosexuality? I remember a secenties all male porn I'd seen with my then bf wherein one of the vignettes was a young, buff, humpy stud getting it on with a car, I think a Rolls!

Mr Ratte's observation on the Chrysler Building are salient. I my(s)elf was friends with a certain ex-hustler whose clientele commanded many a 'suit' in the Big Apple's myriad corporations.

One such was a higher up in that organisation whose HQ on Lexington Ave has some of the most amazing Art Deco marquetry examples anywhere in Manhattan.

He requested that our hero Rent Boy not be inebriated at the time of his seminal emission. Glug, glug, glug. Wouldn't've wanted stoned swimmers to utilise in his Magickal operations, now would he have, especially so high atop that temple?

Look at their logo. It's a folded-in-on-itself inverted pentagram. Luciferic much?

Sci-fi author & maker of worlds, Terry Pratchett, in his Discworld series, fashions a kind of flat Earth supported atop the backs of elephants riding through space on the back of a humongous cosmic turtle.

Interesting Turtle Bay citation from James above, too. The plates of the turtle's shell, no matter of what size the little creature, are thirteen in number, another reason it's held sacred by certain lunar cultures, who count thirteen lunar months, yes, including the Native American nation-tribes.

You're getting more & more interesting all the thyme,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Anadæ Effro said...

AAAND, Mikey, tahnk you for turning us all on to the homoerotic artwork of the Frenchman, Benoit Prevot, whose talent you so well utilised for this article. Yeah, smell the flowers, man! Yup, what with your & the mister's experience @ the Garden & Landscaping Trade Show, there's just something eternal about us stoneworkers, gardeners, terraformers, & horticulturists, the true Titans of mankind.

To the agrarian Renaissance,
Anadæ Effro ( ;-O}

Michael said...

Andadae - thanks for the always amazing comments. Loved the story about the hustler working in the temple of the goddess, very interesting. Also the turtle references. As I recall, one of Godzilla's foes was a giant flying turtle.

I have an ever growing file filled with hot pics of studs having sex in, on and with their cars. I myself have a few memories of back seat taxi cab antics on late night trips from the bars. Those were the days.

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