Feb 26, 2009

Sit 'n Spin

Here at the Gosporn Kitchen, we love our salads. So much so that we consider a salad spinner an essential tool, no mere luxury. We literally pulled the handle off our previous Zyliss "Easy-spin" spinner, so Var brought home a new one recently - the OXO brand version.

As long time Gosporn readers may know (see The Min in Me), lettuce (or rather, its milky white sap) is a symbol of Min, the pre-dynastic Egyptian Creator God - the dude who master-baited BEING (Ego) into existence. His other symbol is the bull. (We'll note that Zeus took the form of a bull to court Europa).

The interesting thing about the OXO brand lettuce spinner is that it utilizes a piston-like pumping action to spin the wheel, which sounds exactly like the TARDIS starting up! So we have lettuce (semen) of the OXO (bull) inseminated into a spinning container (Gaia, Europa, Mary, TARDIS, etc.) Tasty!

Another tasty treat, via our favorite 80's drag queen, Pete Burns: You Spin Me Round


Devin said...

Hiya Michael and Varen-I was also reminded of "Brand New Lover" as I read this -best to you both as always!

Anadæ Effro said...

The sounds of screeching breaks... (k)NOT(work) is Pete Burns everyone's favorite eighties trans (that is, besides George O'Dowd), but nowadays he's had so much "work" (read: plastic surgery) that he sports the "cool slut" look, altho' prefers to remain "intact) Johns-Hopkins transexual medicine argot for "retaining the patient's male genitalia"). Take it from there.

Elizabeth Hand, fantasy novelist's foray into presentday Bull Cult & Goddess worship, Waking The Moon (1995), positively renders an End of Civilisation As We Gno It scenario.

Another of her gems, Glimmering (1998) takes place in this Yonkers Græco-Roman Revival estate-turned-preserve, Untermyer Park, which is where, under the influence of 750 micrograms Windowpane, the male & female Etruscan sphinxes came to life.

Lettucene™, an advertising vendor in the pages of the surprisingly still invenient HIGH TIMES is a legal high that is extracted from the milkt essence of the wild European lettuce.

Class dismissed, see y'all next winky-wink,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Michael said...

Hi Devin, thanks for stopping by.

Lettucene? That's priceless.

Esperanto Grrl said...

Despite the stereotype of the shopaholic spendthrift NYC girl, I've always been a deeply austere, Spartan spender. Then again, I might consider investing in something a lot like this:

Adult-Sized Sit n'Spin

Definitely one of the top ten toys of all time.

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