Feb 27, 2009

Dog Fish Messiah

I had a whacked dream last night:

We were at Hood Canal, standing on the beach, looking out at the water. A submarine car (maybe a Cadillac?) was approaching us, slowly surfacing. We became aware that Oliver (our oztralian terrier) was swimming and playing right in front of the oncoming car, and he was run over! (or run under?). We began a rescue mission to find him, which involved lots of swimming and diving under the water, looking for him. Eventually, we noticed a really colorful and exotic looking fish that was hanging around, trying to catch our attention, and finally I took a good look at it, and the fish was Oliver! Oliver was now a fish! I was happy for him.

Considering all the Dagon (fish, maritime), Sirius (dog) synchs going down, the dream streams oddly appropriate. Hood Canal is actually full of dogfish... a despised creature for local fishermen.

Notes: Cadillac is associated with Shiva the submarine destroyer (in Michael's subconscious) because Bob, the Sawzall (Trident) wielding Shiva impersonator from Shiva Makes a House Call, drives a pearl white Cadillac SUV, which also happens to be my most hated and despised car, so really quite appropriate.

"He was despised." Handel's Messiah. By the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


James Ratte said...

I despise all car personally and on many levels. I remember when I was a kid in the third grade I went on a feild trip to the Virginia Beach Marine Science Museum and was told that whales originated as dogs along the shores of Egypt that started to catch fish and eventually became a type of fish themselves. I recall learning the filter/teeth of the whale is made from the same material as our finger nails. I also recall hearing about the dog to whale evolution recently in the news and it was treated like a new discovery, but is old news to me.

Christopher Knowles said...

Don't forget the Obama's new water dog!

Devin said...

Michael -I do not know if this coulda been a precog type of dream at all -but when i was getting scripts filled today -the pharmacy has one of those huge screen tvs in waiting area -I am kinda sick-but as I watched to fellow being recovered from the ocean-and the boat -along with the other things-like the DOw Jones 'tanking' for some reason I got the oddest feeling in the pit of my stomach-as your dream involved water (i know not much else fits) I just thought I would throw this out there-best to you and Varen as always!

Michael said...

Thanks for that Devin. Interesting that metrogadfly has posted some "primordial boat" art along with Jungian ideas on it. So all very interesting. You and your health are in my prayers (not that they have any actual power, but hey).

Cheers, Michael

Michael said...

This is interesting, The House of Vader reveals this today:

"I knew this rich old straight guy, super rich, he was pretty fierce and would talk about the aircraft/ufo he saw come out of the ocean and then go back under when he was on his yacht in Mexican waters.... Im not saying who it was but they have a college named after them and he wasnt the story telling type. He said it looked like a breast and had a nipple type thing on top..... Just to let you know."

Thuth said...

The dog is your toto. Your spirit animal. A grail figure.

The Hood canal is Hoor or Hod or Hud-son.

This plays in with Jennifer Hudson and Loki who gave Hoor the mistletoe arrow.

Cadillac is big for me as the town is just south of us and they went to Cadillac, France in Ghost Hunters International last week.

Also - Look up Fenrir. Is this the evil dog synchs we've been seeing?

I've had LOTS of water dreams lately.


Michael said...

Thuth, thanks for the interpretation. The Hoor Hod Hud synch seems exactly right to me.

Cheers, Michael

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