Feb 8, 2009

William Tell

Will the real solar god please stand up?

Matthew Delooze has done a big 'Diana Edition' this week, apparently the first time he's ever written about her. IMHO, Diana is still 'Ground Zero' - the ultimate celebrity, occult mega-ritual and human emotional energy extractor the world has ever seen. Madonna and Britney are rank amateurs compared to her - the Queen of Hearts, Black Madonna, Scarlet Woman ne plus ultra.

Diana was quite literally the reincarnation of Artemis - the Goddess. A reptilian shapeshifter in haute couture drag. She was the daughter of Zeus and the mother of Apollo, thus Prince William arrived with impeccable solar cred, born on the summer solstice, and with middle names that include Arthur (the Lionheart, Leo) and Louis (Sun King). There is little remaining doubt concerning the pivotal role he is destined to play on the global stage - curtain rising 2012, the grand finale. Get your tickets now!

Apollo is "the beardless youth", and it is interesting to find our English Apollo sporting a beard lately, definitely not Starfleet standard. Yet his father, Charles, has been beardless all his life. Perhaps Charles is now symbolically the "beardless youth" and William is now "Zeus" - in other words, a symbolic "passing over" of Charles in favor of his son - the new Sun King.

UPDATE: PAUL from the UK sent in a pic of Charles sporting a beard in his youth - in full on naval regalia. I sit corrected.

Which makes me wonder... what of our own Apollo? Obama seems to be following the Diana template - step by step. He has identified his archetypes (Lincoln, Kennedy, Akhenhaten) and the solar imagery can't be more blatant. He was presented as the "answer to our prayers", yet he follows the bankster script. His appointees are tax evaders (pirates). He is born in Hawaii - the 5-0 (Venus/Goddess on the Mountain/Pele) state - but his career was built in Chicago (the Heart-land). Diana was the Queen of hearts, and the literal "taking of her heart" ritual is rumored to be the reason for her over lengthy ride to hospital from the automobile (Mercedes Benz/Tripura) "accident".

Aztecs are famous for the removal of hearts in conjunction with solar worship atop their pyramids, and there is one more New World synch: Corn. Beefy Chicago boys are "corn fed", and the heartland is America's "breadbasket". The religious and solar signage can hardly be more explicit: a "good harvest" is desired after a long eight year drought. The Harvest King. The Children of the Corn. The Wicker Man.

On the weekend of Seattle's own near death experience via a character named "Lam", I was confronted by an amazing sign: a gigantic multi-story Lion King banner on the 5th Ave. theater, a venue noted for its red dragon symbolism. Is the Lion King the Wicker Man?


Christopher Knowles said...

I never really got the whole Prince Willy thing (do reptilians suffer from male pattern baldness?), but there's no way in hell that Charles is Harry's father.

Michael said...

Maybe gods who appear too perfect aren't readily accepted? But anyway, Harry and William represent the two sons (Cain and Abel) born of one mother "Eve" and two fathers. Even the "gods" can't escape the archetypes.

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Christopher-that was sooooo funny! Great post as always Michael-I think Diana herself was a good person-but I think-if I am following both my own intuition and the writings of others-both of synch people and prophecy types that Prince William is indeed going to start playing a very major role in the years to come-very shortly by historical standards-and with Obama synching with every assassinated prez-(well here I am a little off I guess Garfield and McKinley don't count:-)-it really really makes me wonder what the next 'trick' is going to be -all the world is indeed a stage! best to you and Varen as always!

Devin said...

Sorry Mr Multiple strikes again! I find the linking of Cain and Able to the two princes fascinating-to me it seems-Harry is so without any of Charles-defects-sorry hope that doesnt sound mean-i just do not think he is that great looking-Harry almost seems like the archetype of the teutonic warrior (looks wise) and William-unfortuately as he gets older looks so much more like his dad-fascinating stuff as always! all the best!

Devin said...

Michael this is ridiculous-I have never known anyone as bad as I am getting all thoughts in one comment or email-what I meant to put in the last comment is that I wonder if there is any way the two current princes 'synch' with the two princes murdered in the tower of London (i think it was) so very long ago-sorry again for all the multiples-I will try not to do this in the future-ATB!

Michael said...

Hi Devin - good observation! When the two princes were younger they looked almost like twin male versions of their mom, but as they have aged, the father's genes seem to be coming forward, which is not so good for Will. I've often wondered if the entire human race can be summed up in the story of Eve, her two "husbands" and their various children. Who's yer daddy?

I'm not familiar with the two princes killed in the bloody tower?

Oh yea, one thing I forgot to mention is that this week is Lincoln's birthday and Valentines Day - combining dead presidents with hearts. Makes me want to look at the Valentine's Day Massacre again - in Chicago.

Cheers, Michael

Anadæ Effro said...

Michael, do we really 'Gno' whether or (k)not(work) Princess Di was a 'fith fath' (pronounced FEE-FAW, Gaelic for "deer spell", literally, but its inference to being a shapeshifter is implicative) and might that just explain why she was intered in the Royals's island pet cemetery & not a lavish mausoleum intended for the British Monarchy?

The photo you've attached hereto, no matter which haute couture designer drag creator dreamt up Her attire, bespeaks of the shamanka's headwear, worn traditionally by an indigenous people's psychopompos for posthumous pomp & circumstance conveying the newly disincorporated to the Afterlife.

People have GOTSTA stop comparing Obama with Ahkenaten, Nefertiti's strangely hermaphroditic husband, whose acromegaly facial features, gynecomastia, rounded (seemingly child-bearing) hips, and globular thighs simply don't resonate to our King.

Which brings us to a resounding, "No, the Lion King is NOT the Wicker Man!", but he may be John Barleycorn.

See Julie Taymor's OTHER brilliant cinematic production, "Titus", now available on DVD. It well honours the Bard's "Titus Andronicus". I think that you'll find the sheer scope of its production mind-blowing & not a tad titillating (gladiators, GLADIATORS).

Alt He best, awe ways,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Devin said...

Michael was glad I remembered to come back to comments the princes in the tower
Two young english princes-brothers very young I think killed in 1483? in tower of London-some mystery here I think-but the more I think about it the more I do not know if they really 'synch' to the current ones-will continue pondering-going to bed early tonight for once (have a kinda sorta funny story to tell later-pleaz remind me if you want to hear it-u know i will forget:-)all the best to you and Varen!

Michael said...

Anadae - OK, I agree he's probably not the big Akh, but he sure is channeling some crazy Egyptian thing. As far as Diana - I wonder if "Reptilian shape-shifter" is AKA a "son of perdition" in the bible.

Devin - thanks for the reference!

Thuth said...

To touch on the Wickerman / Lion King.

Aslan was killed only to be resurrected ala the great Son King Jesus.

I'm digging the connection. Thanks for turning me onto the new Delooze. I'm glad he's not gone from the scene.

I listened to a John Major Jenkins interview late last night and am pulled by the heart imagery as well.


Thuth (r)

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