Jul 12, 2009

The Double Header

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

Trader Joe's gave me a $66.60 receipt on June 18 (click to enlarge). I snapped a pic of the two bottles of wine I happened to buy, because wine labels are like little synch bombs, waiting to go off, and this one exploded on July 10.

The bottle on the left is cheap Italian swill, with a double-headed eagle crest: Aquila D'oro (Golden Eagle). Bottle on the right: Tres Pinos (Three Pines).

L'aquila, Italy, recent victim of a devastating earthquake. Poseidon, also called the "earth-shaker" strikes his three-pronged trident on the ground. Black Dog Star recognizes the "red cross" label, or "mark" of the occasion.

L'aquila becomes the site of July G-8 shenanigans which include the July 10 unveiling of a potential new gold standard: the Global Currency.

Now, recall that my previous "mark" was given to me at the Seattle Boat Show, implying the Catholic Church in cahoots with the Beast (I'm shocked. Shocked!) So no surprise at all to find the Pope (showing his fancy red and gold Templar cross) laying the ground work for a Global Economic Authority, just prior to the landing of La Golden Eagle. And curiously, we'll be celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the (alleged) landing of the Eagle on the moon - July 20.

Newspaceman had this tidy sum-up:


Devin said...

Thanks for this article Michael-haha I heard about that "Unity in Diversity" coin Medvedev showed-perhaps we are getting close to other nations wanting to dump the buck-but at the same time moving towards the ever so wonderful world govt scenario-when we are all bar coded:) enjoyed your humor with us folks always having bar codes. It is funny I no more than left the comment about hair and dad cutting it-than yesterday I visited mom and dad and dad and i had a brief argument about Chavez and Venezuela-and I had ended up just telling him "please just be careful with who the USA is trying to demonize at any particular time"-well fifteen minutes after this he cuts my hair and forgets to use the attachment for hair length-haha now I look like I am almost bald! he realized mistake almost immediately but it was too late to go back as that woulda looked even dumber-i really dont mind with the heat-but now I am waiting for a skinhead comment-moral to the story -dont argue with father before he cuts your hair:)best to you and Var as always!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for the comment! Ugh, you wouldn't believe the talks Var and I have with my mom and dad, they being the right wing of the right wing! At least they seem to have come to terms with their gay son, at least I'm not communist! So we've sworn off politics as a subject for conversation - it can lead to bad haircuts! Great story, thanks, and that's the great thing about hair, it grows back!

Michael said...

Oy, this hair cutting thing keeps giving. Remember how Farrah had to cut her "angelic" hair? And Michael J had a "hair on fire" incident. When my younger bro died, I came into town for the funeral, and my hair was down to my shoulders at the time, and I knew it really bothered my dad, so I (begrudgingly and only with promptings from Var) went to a barber and got it cut off. And now you and your "dad/barber" experience. Interesting.

Devin said...

Michael thanks so very much for your comments-I am so sorry to hear about your brother's dying!! I do remember Farrah and the Michael "hair fire" sometimes I think I have a horrible sense of humor-probably obvious:) but that bad hair day for Michael always made me laugh a bit-I should feel bad for this! and as usual I had forgotten all about the incdient-Pepsi commericial wasnt it? Of course I also nearly wet my pants I was laughing so hard at the "Grape Lady" falling videos on you tube-I am a sicko haha! I was laying low today trying to do some reasearch and got completely stuck-then I remembered some comments I had left-but I think I will just say "hi" to you today haha! My damn OCD has me going to almost every frikkin blog I talk to people on as they update and it drives me nucking futs! I agree about the politics -my folks are anything but conservatives-in fact I commend them on a great deal as they were born and raised in small southern towns-but every now and then dad and i go at it as far as "legitimacy" questions of the MSM and stuff-Mom already feels betrayed by Obama but I guess dad is "going to the end of the line" so to speak with him-the same day of the Venezuela talk he also mentioned how Obama was changing things 43 had done-and no-this time I said nothing-maybe I would have got the "barber of Seville" treatment for that:) best to you and Varen as always-again so sorry about your brother BTW-and dont answer if i am being too nosy-people tell me i have a tendency to inquire on things not my business-but how is your sister if you dont mind me asking? no prob if youd rather not say-all the best!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev - Var is also the same as your Dad, always giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. I guess we'll see. It's strange because we were always pointing out the high weirdness of the Bush admin to the folks, and maybe it sunk in a little. Sometimes I talk with mom and she sees the same things I do, so interesting.

I really don't want to talk about my sis right now. She's out of jail, which basically means that nobody's safe!

Devin said...

Thats totally cool Michael-I understand! My mom did say one thing some months ago that really surprised me about Sept 11 -we were talking and she said something to the effect of "I dont know if a cabal in the government did 9/11 or not" I forgot the way the conversation went after that-presumably to more politics-but previous to this I always thought my insistence on a 9-11 conspiracy was a bit off-putting to all my family -Mom and Dad have some friends from small town TX they went to HS with that believe in a conspiracy and I guess my Dad had said something like "Thats pretty sad if they do" or something like that-My mom told me about this to let me know I wasnt alone haha! I do think people with great "intuition" and access to the unconcious "ungrund"-am I saying that right?? like my mom are starting to realize that not only 9-11 but other things have gone horribly wrong here-best to you and Var as always!! WV=mungu

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