Jul 1, 2009

The Greatest American Hero

I've been reading a delightful series of stories on the Evolution forum - The Summer of 1981, by Padraig. The story takes place on an idyllic island in Puget Sound (close to home), and since it is set in the summer of '81, it includes songs and TV shows from the era, including this one:

The Greatest American Hero starred William Katt (the classic California boy), Connie Sellecca (New Jersey all the way), and Robert Culp, the eternal secret agent. Katt auditioned for the role of Luke Skywalker in 1977.

I had forgotten that our red-suited hero got his powers from a UFO. The ship looks a lot like a ring, or perhaps a crown?

The symbol on Ralph's uniform resembles the Chinese character "center" [中]. As the symbol is red in color, Hong Kong television station TVB called the Cantonese-dubbed version of the show [飛天紅中俠], translated to mean "Flying Red Center Hero". It also resembles a winged creature, perhaps a butterfly.

Katt briefly appeared in Heroes season 3, "The Butterfly Effect".

Butterflies are also symbolic of "Monarch" mind control, homos, transformation, and Anteros, the "twin" brother of Eros, who is also a prominent symbol of London.

The theme song "Believe It or Not" was more popular than the show, reaching No. 2 in Billboards Top 40 list on August 15, and 22. It's been parodied many times, perhaps most famously by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11, Moore used it to underscore the famous scene where President George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and declared the end of major combat operations in Iraq.

This Youtube fan video is 1:44 minutes long, and was uploaded by "Borgqueen", who is 22 years old - from Oztralia. That butterfly be seriously flappin' her wings.


Jake Kotze said...

The Red Chinese character you refer to in this post is also called the Red Dragon.
You see it around allot as the Red Dragon Skateboarding and clothing logo.
Very perfect to connect Scarlet Dragon with the Center.

Peace In

Michael said...

Thanks Jake. Which brings us all the way back around to the red dragon of the Apocalypse, and Wales. Amazing.

Anadæ Effro said...

Did you say that the craft from which Wm Katt's character's super powers derived "… looks a lot like a ring, or perhaps a crown?" Hmn? Weh-heh-El, how about a 'shroom? Tonight, Sequoia & I jus' watched one of my younger brother, Garth's many a tad belated birthday presents to me (Garth is a licensed mycologist , earning his license from, Paul Stamets, and goes by the moniker Myco Gnome on the internet), a DVD companion to Jan Irvin's & Andrew Rutajit's book "Astro-Theology & Shamanism" … The Pharmacratic Inquisition, culling largely from the late, undeservédly overlooked, brilliant British Biblical archaeologist John Marco Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross, based on the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Qumran, which he had helped to translate.

You can enjoy all approximately 111 minutes here, where it is split up into 12 parts, just like the Zodiac, hey!

Michael, you're one of the best,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Michael said...

Anadae - ah yes, with radial symmetry, the mushroom is always a round. Thanks for the links!


Devin said...

Haha:) I had forgotten all about this-and indeed the song was more popular than the show-I do not know the countless times I heard it played on the radio back then-very interesting symbolism and I will check out the links in a bit-best to you and Varen as always!!

Devin said...

Haha:) just forgot -I think today is 43s bday -so hey all of you folks out there dont forget to send him bday wishes-my wishes for him and his family is to remove themselves as far from real humnanity as possible-theyve done enough damage already-I think he is a closet queen and likes to "bottom" for men like Jeff Gannon-I should come back with a link for that if folks are unware of who he is-perhaps I could send him "big blue"-this is a hideous blue neon dildo that Nando gave me-sheesh the thing must be thirteen inches long and six to eight around-I cant use it-but I am sure 43 might be able to-and perhaps get Laura in on the action also-haha-sorry so nasty today-just my mood lately-altho i am getting over it-best as always!!

Devin said...

OK hope this goes to actual link-if it doesnt can Anadae or anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? I have tried to link in comments b4 and it just gives "dead" http link-here goes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Gannon

Michael said...

Thanks for the reminder about Jeff Gannon... rhymes with cannon? haha! The Big Blue reminds me of Shiva - a weapon of Ass Destruction!

Devin said...

Thanks for the laugh Michael:)god only knows I could use it lately-all the best!!:)

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