Jul 20, 2009

Grail Racing Part II

It looks like the 33rd running of the America's Cup is set to be a Gosporn wet dream.

First of all, the Prize: a pearl of unusual price. The original cup was won from England by the black-hulled schooner yacht America, back in 1851. Considering the vast sums of money spent on this cup over the centuries, one wonders about its symbolic significance to the players. Does the cup represent the Masonic Holy Grail, whatever that may actually be? Read Grail Racing Part I for background.

As of this summer, the legal wrangling is coming to an end. Team Alinghi of Switzerland has been arm wrestled into accepting Team Oracle as a legitimate challenge, and despite every effort to control all aspects of the race, is being forced to design and build an equivalent 90' monster multihull - an enormous white catamaran. The race is already being called the Battle of the Titans, Godzilla vs. King Kong.

As long time Gosporn readers already know, the black trimaran represents Shiva and his/her Ego Destroying weapon - the trident. The Oracle's all carbon (building blocks of life) vessel was built in Bellingham, WA, and WA is home base to the black trident wielding submarine base, on Hood Canal. The nukes aboard the Trident sub represent the Ark of the Covenant - an all powerful destructive force. Ark = Weapon = Destroyer = Joshua = Shiva.

In the other camp is the Defender. The Swiss Guard are the white cross bearing defenders of the Catholic Church. So quite perfect that Team Alinghi patron is Ernesto Bertarelli, currently of Switzerland, but of Italian descent.

I personally tend to side with the Defender archetype (my tribal nature), and often I find myself coming to the defense of rather ancient and outmoded ways of looking at the world, because I can see some deep wisdom there. But in this case, I side with the Destroyer. When it comes to ultimate control of the Ultimate Grail, the status quo simply will not do. May the Best Man win.

The Defender sees his salvation. Note the Tripura (666?) in his logo cap - the three demonic citadels - targets of Shiva's trident.


Michael said...

The reverse angle on the bows of both defender and challenger are a recent innovation. They are called "Axe Bows". This really is a fight to the death.

Anadæ Effro said...

Eeep! That design is "killer" radical, Michael. Wowzers!

Michael said...

Yea, it's an amazing catamaran. Very starship Enterprise.

Devin said...

I agree with Anadae-those pics were wowzers! (designs) even I could see Shiva's Trident -that vessel is fucking beautiful! I am not much into ships (unless mine will ever come in:) but that is something else-OMG forgot about a car-saw it just the other day in a magazine early to mid 70s i think but dont know if i have "maker" right Maserati Miura or Lamborghini Miura?? shoulda looked before I kept typing best as always to the both of you WV=rebruf rebuff? furber backwards?:)

Michael said...

Dev, that would be Lamborghini Miura, a very cool car from the '70's. Maserati has the trident for a logo.

Thanks also for the haircut comment!

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