Jul 24, 2009

All Hands On Deck!

We're rebuilding our outside deck this summer. The old one is rotten beyond repair, so it's getting demolished and then rebuilt. The deck rebuild is becoming a project of mythic proportions, because of course, to Gosporn, "The Deck" represents... "the world": a rickety platform of ancient and dubious construction, rotten to the core, and bound to collapse at any moment!!

"The Deck" is a powerful Western American metaphor. It's where we have our Sunset Magazine suburban experiences. We barbecue, we gather, we celebrate, and it all happens on Deck.

In Kirkland there has been a recent spate of deck collapse disasters (flaming barbecues falling on hapless hamburger grillers... you get the drift), so these days, getting a re-building permit is like visiting the Draconian home world. But after dotting and crossing all my i's and t's, the plans were vetted, and Yay! A permit was granted! I felt like Shiva at the Divine Council, asking for an Earth rebuilding permit! "OK, but what's your re-building plan? We don't like the same mistakes made twice!!"

So today I'm catching up on my favorite summer reading: 'The Summer of '81' at the Evolution Forum, and he links to this ancient vid of Captain America II "Death too Soon" (circa 1979), who foils the bad guys by bringing down the twin pillars holding up The Deck!? Yo! Samson! (great hair, BTW)

The contractor arrived today to unload his tools, and he was driving a blue Ford: license plate starting with 911... Samson/Shiva, it's nice to finally meet you.


NOTES: Doug at Unnatural Devotions gave us a few pics of the workmen on his neighbor's deck last June. They're digging into a pot labeled "Next Step".


Devin said...

Will check out the pics at Devotions! I dont mean to laugh at anyone's misfortune but I thought the way you put "flaming bbqs falling on hapless hamburger grillers" was funny:) agree with your thoughts about the "deck" here-altho hadn't thought of it that way before-and of course the pillars-in comment you made at my place-interesting to see how the two photos "synch" -and I hadn't heard of the Seville and Charles V imagery until I started doing research for my series-now that I think about it-I think the flag of Spain has a "scroll" type thing in corner or pillars-around the royal crest maybe? will look it up-best as always to you and Var and good luck with the rebuild!! WV=dionarn

Michael said...

Hi Dev - honestly, I kinda like flaming bbq's of death image too. Great WV, I just did a post on Dion Ysus! Hey, is that Dion Isis? ;-)

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