Jul 7, 2009

Red Shirt Day

I've seen nothing but red shirts today. Morning dog walk: red T on jogger, and two more red T's on two women. Evening dog walk: solid red lycra biker. Blazing Hot Guys: this one. I have one red T-shirt, it didn't get washed with the other shirts today because it always bleeds. Curious.


tommy said...

The only shirt I have that isn't black or white is red. Plain red.

Not wearing it right now, though... It would be crazy if I was.

Michael said...

Maybe a good thing not wearing red right now. Red shirts are the first to go in Star Trek.

tommy said...

Wow, I was thinking of that before the page loaded. Interesting synchronicity :)

The black/white/red shirts thing isn't intentional at all, btw... Not consciously, at least.

Devin said...

I have two red shirts-unfortunately they do not make me look anything like this fellow-best as always!!:)

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