Jul 9, 2009

The Boulevard of Broken Dreamliners

I've been having some interesting dreams lately, a few were about UFO's, which are always fun (at least, in my dreams). Many interesting synapse firings and synchs over the past several weeks about dreams and dreaming. I guess I'm taking the idea that the will of God is found inside the Dreaming Mind very seriously.

June 22: The character Tug (Tug synchs with the 'tug boat' and the 'tractor beam' - Jesus/Borg Queen pulling us to him) has dreams about muscle growth in the story 'Summer of '81: All I have to do is dream'.

June Automobile magazine says to 'Dream Big'.

June 24: Doug at Unnatural Devotions wrote a poem: Morpheus Has Fled.

June 23: Esperanto Girl (oops, Grrl) ( interviewed Ukrainian bodybuilder Konstantin Ruzanov (Enormous pecs... have I told you how much I LOVE huge pecs?):

EG: You're from the Ukraine, what made you come to the United States?

KR: The American Dream...

It all came to a head on June 24 when Boeing announced a "stunning delay" in the new 787 - the Dreamliner:

The words "much delayed" are beginning to attach themselves to the Boeing 787 as if they are part of the brand name. On Tuesday came perhaps the most stunning delay of all: postponement of a first flight intended to show the world that the much-delayed Dreamliner was finally ready for prime time. --Seattle Times

Always coming, never quite here... reminds me of the Second Coming.

July 8: Boeing No-Strike Ultimatum

Boeing is laying down an ultimatum to its biggest union: Unless a long-term agreement barring strikes by the Machinists is reached by this fall, Boeing will build a second production line for the 787 someplace outside Washington. --Seattle Times

If Boeing (Being?) is building the DREAMLINER, then in Gosporn symbolism, the company is playing the role of the Id - the Dreamweaver - God. I'm all for unions, but honestly, the Boeing Machinists have it unbelievably good, especially considering the general collapse of the economy. They strike hard and they strike often, and it almost seems like they don't care about the company's overarching goals, as long as they get their generous share. Are the Machinists playing the part of God's long-term "employees"?

On a previous visit to NYC (New Jerusalem), I met an amazing person. He was a friend of the family, and he was the kind of guy that anyone would admire if not envy. Young, handsome, charming and Jewish, with a very well paying job on Wall St. - and he claimed to have NEVER had a dream his whole entire life!! He seemed to be a little bothered by it, but he sure knew all the latest movies. Perhaps Hollywood makes his dreams now.


Saul said. "The Philistines are fighting against me, and God has turned away from me. He no longer answers me, either by prophets or by dreams..."


Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Green Day.


Esperanto Grrl said...

Thanks for the shout-out, though it's Esperanto Grrl. You know, with a Grrrr!

My childhood hero, Bill Nye the Science Guy, actually worked as a designer for Boeing for a while, and he invented several parts still used to this day on 747s.

As for dreaming, I keep a dream journal and I've gotten to the point where I dream almost every night, and I lucidly dream about once per week. It's a great skill, and you can train yourself to do it. My advice is to go for books written by real psychologists on the subject, as it can be confusing with all the phony-baloney witch doctors out there. Try Steven Laberge's book; it's the definitive one by a psychophysiologist.

Devin said...

Thanks Michael for your previous comment to mine and of course all of them -and hi Esperanto Grrl! I agree that it is so hard to be positive (no pun intended in my case:) these days-but I also believe that without hope of any kind it is very hard to live. I dream infrequently-and usually when I do they are easily forgettable and non-sensical. However I have had a few knock your socks off dreams-especially when I was experimenting with lucid dreaming. Unfortunately the erotic dreams dont come-also no pun intended-too often anymore! I agree about keeping a dream journal and writing down feelings from dreams even when half awake if you feel they are important. It does often seem like we are on "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" anymore and I thought the title of your article-the first image and the Green Day song were very appropriate! Hopefully better days are ahead. The latest MSM thing that I absolutely don't trust is this swine flu crap-and would beg anyone to refuse shots-even if mandatory if it comes to that. Well I will close now with a thought I had today about the USA-we are really something-the first? country to invent socialism for the people who least need it-the super rich and the rapist corporations! I hope you and Var have a beautiful weekend-all the best!!

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