Jul 11, 2009

Chipping In

I was going through some old pics and I found this: evidence of my mind-controlled "chipping". I don't remember exactly when this happened (missing time!) but it was probably in 2006. I had Var take pics. Note the "gray" t-shirt, obviously not my first encounter with the Demon Barber?

Note the infamous "cow lick".


Devin said...

:) I don't spose I have ever been chipped-unless I am one of the ones that can't remember anything.I would definitely take the first UFO ride available to a COLD planet right now,as there have been times I feel like that witch this summer-"Help me-Im melting!" I have had many encounters with demon barbers however! It has been much easier the last few years as dad just cuts my hair to skinhead length-haha-it would be just my luck to be mistaken for one!best as always to you and Var-and the doggies!

Terry said...

better then a barcode

Michael said...

Dev - I feel for ya. Phoenix has gotta be hell town right about now.

Terry - Ha! Queers have always had "bar code".

Esperanto Grrl said...

Most of the time I think you're just messing around and you don't really buy all the BS you put here, but this time, I need confirmation. Just humor me here, Mike: you don't really think you were chipped, do you?

For Heaven's Sake, man, Paul Blart: Mall Cop had a bigger wound.

But hey, look at the bright side, at least if you're ever sent to the pound, they know where your owner lives and can send you right back!

Michael said...

EG - I think my chip may be defective.

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