Jun 30, 2009

Why We Fight

So we've crossed our River Jordan, and already the gay meme is expressing a certain "militance". Dan Savage likens us to Jews in his latest article in the Stranger - My Kinky Normal Life:

The gays, according to [Sally] Kern, had a secret plan to convince the world that homosexuality is a "superior lifestyle." (Somehow Kern got her hands on a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of West Hollywood.)

In the same issue, we get a sort of amazing "defense" of promiscuous gay behavior by Adrian Ryan - My Alleged Night(s) of (Group) Sex, with the unusual (outside of religious fundamentalism) but nonetheless completely true excuse:

So why do we fags risk the risk—the diseases, the trolls? (Wear a condom!) Why face the face-picking meth zombies? Why wrestle the jealousy, the insecurity, the "you are totally a disgraceful whore" stigma? Why, why, WHY?

Because it's what God secretly wants of us, that's why. Because the voices command it. Because yo' mama.

And he's right. It's what we are programmed to do. The robotic clones of God.

Today we walked the dogs around the local school, which is now ours for a few months of summer. We came across a kinda sexy guy on a bike, and Var said, "He looked like Jango Fett".


Ben Fairhall said...

There was the beginnings of a dialogue in the gay community (here in the UK) over the alleged merits of the 'promiscuous' lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, it didn't really take off... The gay scene, from my experience, is the gay sex scene; and wants to stay that way.

From my own perspective, I often wonder (foolishly) why I fall foul of organised religions on such a regular basis... And then I realise it is because I too have certain genetically-programmed needs, none of which I either want to surrender or feel the need to. (I think group sex, orgies- gay and straight- sex and drugs, etc... are all good. And I think God approves.)

Not sure whether you agree or not, judging from the tone of your post, but the theme chimes with material I've been thinking about today, so I felt I would throw in my two cents.


Michael said...

Hi Ben, thanks for stopping by. I think every gay man goes through a "slut" phase in his life, which is basically a time when you surrender yourself to your cock. It can be a wonderful experience, but also extremely dangerous, with crystal meth, disease, etc. lurking in every dark corner. It's a miracle any of us survive at all. But survive we have.

The "clone army" has become my wry symbol of queerness, which makes Jango Fett our "father".

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

I enjoyed this article also and Var's observation about the sexy man on the bike:) I also wonder if almost every or every gay man goes through a slut phase-good lord mine lasted from 16 to 24 (on turbo power haha) At times I felt like I was taken over by the power of a demon/archetype-I dont know what to call it. but the thought to most people who knew me at the time of shy studious Devin going out and doing what he was doing would have shocked them I am sure!
whether god or any other deity cares i still say one of my only brushes with "heaven" was in a 3 way with two older men by older i mean mid twenties to my teens-they were both so very good looking and partners/bfs in "real" life-and for a night prob in 82 I was a pleasure slave to them both for a night of ecstasy:) sorry if i sound dirty -it was what it was and to this day my only 3 way much less group but i will always remember the night with great delight as long as my little ole heart beats-best as always to you and Varen and I hope summer is treating you both a lot better than the "bashing' it is giving me:)

Michael said...

Hi Devin, thanks for the comments and thoughts, always much appreciated. You're story is an echo of my own and many others... our most treasured memories are of nights of lust and delight, stolen from some far off place... perhaps heaven.

Devin said...

thats one thing i often wonder michael-if all of these treasured memories people have-be they gay or str8-and not even necessarily sexually oriented-but are they all gone forever when we go??? I hope not-I find I go back and forth so much between thoughts that there is nothing after this life to thinking that life is too precious and there must be something-one thing is for sure-we will all find out eventually:)best to you and Var and thanks much for your replies!!

Michael said...

Jeezus Dev, you're like Varen, always asking questions to which there is no answer. I have a hint though, and it's basically via gay sci-fi porn. Maybe we get to keep the part of our egos that go with the flow? The rest is forgotten. Just a theory.

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