Jun 16, 2009

Up the Down Syndrome Staircase

I was checking out some cool new 3D modeling software tonight, and the introductory video was featuring various tools, and in the CLASSIC (Doric, Greek, etc.) modeling section we have the REVOLUTION (July 4, Orange, Procession of the Equinox) tool, which revolves a PLANE around a CENTER PIVOT (galactic center), thus making a sort of CLASSIC column or vase or representation of the REVOLVING and revolutionary NATURE of the COSMOS.

Next up was the spiral helix tool, which revolved a PLANE around an ASCENDING center pivot (Plane on a Snake), thus representing the concept of ADVANCEMENT upon revolution, or EVOLUTION!

Next was the STAIRCASE tool, which creates a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN out of angled lines, representing a ziggurat or PYRAMID!!

And finally, the SPIRAL STAIRCASE tool, which turns the staircase into a single strand of DNA (Caduceus, etc.) thus representing Man's ultimate and inevitable attainment of GODHOOD!!!

OMG!!! Bonzai 3D is an insidious Masonic PLOT!!!!

NOTE: the above post is for entertainment purposes only.


Devin said...

Haha! fascinating Michael-the more one looks this stuff is all around us-I am not quick enough to catch 90 percent of it right off. I have even read a reference (of course no way in hell can I remember where!) that the dollar sign $ is a caduceus symbol-best as always to you and Varen!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev - actually just mocking myself here. I think. ;-)

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