Jun 19, 2009

Friends of Jean

JC (yea...) the talented artist of Anti-Heroes.net has done a cool post about the X-Universe Jean Grey - 'Why I Heart Jean' and I dunno, it made me think of Mary Magdalene. Is Jean Grey an MM archetype? And what would that mean, scripturally/mythically/Jungian speaking, if Mary was a gay Diva?

Of course, the greatest gay Diva of all is Judy Garland, the one who led us over the rainbow (born 1922, and died on June 22). Back in the days of the closet, gay men would secretly code themselves as "Friends of Dorothy". I wonder if that translates into a "friend of Mary"? Not a lover, mind you. Just friends. What does Mary mean... to you?

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Devin said...

Hi Michael-I always got a kick out of that "Friend of Dorothy" thing-I dont know when I first heard it-probably when I went to this gay bar in Phx in the 80s that had a great mix of men in there street hustlers -older guys a little bit of everything! I don't know why i liked the place so much-it was so UN-plastic is all I can think of-Mary Magdalene -MM-I do not know the bible too well -but wasnt she a prostitute that converted? Well with that I am going to click my red slippers together and wish you a very happy weekend-best to you and Varen as always!!

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