Jun 10, 2009

Changing Course?

Some especially violent "lone gunman" type stories in the news this week:
Holocaust Museum Shootout
Abortionist Murdered in Church
So we have Jews and Abortionists targeted, but there is one more group the Christian right wing nuts hate, and that's the homos. Considering all the gay marriage publicity, and the fortieth anniversary of Stonewall, AND Obama's declaration of June as National Pride Month, I'm a little bit nervous. The icing on the cake is the June release of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest effort: 'Bruno'.
As with most news items, I automatically assume that things are not as they appear. Right wing nuts are the mediated face of Christianity - intolerant, gun-toting lunatics. Some are, but most are not, and I have a personal anecdote:
When Var and I were "newlyweds" (circa 1999) we moved out to Whidbey Island - in a deliberate attempt to get away from the gay ghetto. We lived in a tiny beach front cabin, on a road with nothing but white folks who had grown up there and they ALL knew each other since they were kids. Having a coupla' queers move in must have been quite the gist for the gossip mill.
Anyway, our neighbors, Ron and Marlys, had relatives (his brother and his wife) from Texas staying with them one summer, fifth wheel trailer on the lawn, you get the drift. So one day, the brother's wife comes over to us and tells us how they had been discussing gayness in their church (up the hill) and they had all come to the conclusion that homosexuality wasn't a sin and that we were welcome at their church anytime (trying to imaging the dialogue...)
At the time, I had no idea what a serious and brave trip across the street this was for that woman. I was fresh from the gay ghetto, where we take acceptance for granted. But much later, I understood, and I regret that we never took her up on her offer - to show up in their church as a gay couple. Even back in the day, the walls were coming down.
It's interesting that the name of the victim is Dr. George Tiller. A tiller is used to keep (or change) the course of a ship. It would be interesting to know what course the media is plotting. In any case, let's try to stay the course.

Moi? An agent provocateur?


James Ratte said...

I'm sure you're still welcome.

Devin said...

I am sorry to have missed this one Michael-it is very timely and has me somewhat concerned-My mom has joined a new church and always tells me about the gay couples there-I really should have gone with her at least one Sunday by now out of courtesy-maybe I will this coming sunday-When Nando and me were together I never exactly tried to hide what we were to each other at this complex i live in (both in my head and physically:-) but i wasn't exactly advertising it either-I always felt I should have more courage with this-of course if I had continued to give him oral on my patio i am sure the EXACT relationship would have been known then-and I am talking front-there is no backyard or patio-I wasnt the one who began these things-for some reason the "danger" I guess of being found out really turned him on-unless of course he was just a perv-haha but arent we all:-)best to you and Varen as always!!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, thanks for the story... cute. The allure of public sex... fascinating topic.

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