Jun 17, 2009

Arm Strong

I keep having Armstrong synchs. I can't remember all of them, but also the idea of the "strong arm" keeps coming up. Var and I were walking in downtown Kirkland Marina Park, and we were deciding which way to go, and I wanted to go a certain way because I saw a nice looking arm on a guy, and Var said, "You'll go anywhere for a big arm," or something to that effect. And it's true.

The house being built next to my parent's beach house on Hood Canal is being built by Armstrong Contracting.

Armstrong Flooring - "It only LOOKS like the real thing" - ad series in Dwell magazine. This one features Louis Armstrong - a HORN player. Blow me down.

Neil Armstrong - first man on the moon, or so they say. Maybe "moon" is symbolic of something else?

Doubt if I'm the first man on this moon.

Lance Armstrong - the world champion cyclist - keeps beating the French at their own game. Gearing up for another ride, so I hear. In (ancient) gay slang, blowjobs are "French", while back-dooring is "Greek". The old gay classifieds were full of "French active", or "Greek passive".

Muscle Man (MM, Muscle Mary) homoerotic sci-fi serial episode 1: hero is Eric Armstrong. Set in Seattle, and definitely French Active.

AKA's character - Titus - had a brief "Lance Armstrong" fantasy about becoming a serious cyclist.

Green Day's lead singer is Billie Joe Armstrong - or is that Adam Lambert? As these things go, ADMIRE is on another green tangent this week. Hold me Daddy, and never let me go.


tommy said...

There's also a Stretch Armstrong movie in the works...

Michael said...

Thanks Tommy, totally forgot about Stretch. Stretch is kinda like Mr. Fantastic (no. 4), who was played by my favorite Captain Hornblower: Ioan Gruffudd.

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