Jun 14, 2009

After Math

The author known as AKA has another hot installment of his Transform series up at the Evolution Archives - After Math, and this time the lead character is high school math teacher Billy Titus. AKA is to Gosporn as Chris Carter is to The Secret Sun, with his writing chock full o' homo-religious synchiness. AKA's always got one hand on the pen and the other on the one-eyed monster of the Id.

Anyway, the name Titus is a loaded gun. Titus Flavius Vespasianus was the name of the Roman general who conducted the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, resulting in the destruction of the Temple and the city. Titus was acting under orders of Nero (a classic anti Christ figure and recently recast in the new Star Trek movie as a vengeful Romulan). I often think of George W. Bush as a "Nero" figure - consumed by the revenge archetype. The most telling mediabyte was George's love of the guitar - "fiddling" while disaster mounted in New Orleans.

King George has pretty much destroyed everything in his short eight year reign - Iraq (Babylon), the dollar, the Constitution, the little left of American global cred, even the collective belief in a positive future. All done in the name of Jaysus and with the full support and blessing of "his" church. No wonder I see Jesus as Shiva. I'd curse him, but deep down, I know that every knew church is built on the smoldering ruins of an old one. Shiva is just the B side of Brahma.

It's easy to see the destruction going on, it's everywhere. What's more difficult to see is the new Temple being built, and I don't mean the "new temple same as the old temple" bullshit. I mean something REALLY new. I figure that God's no fool, he wouldn't abandon an old house without breaking ground on a new one.

The Transformed Titus worships at a new Temple - a vessel of smoldering sexual perfection. A vessel - perhaps - much closer to the truth about God than any Ark of wood, or Temple of stone. Maybe I'm a futurist, after all.



Devin said...

I enjoyed this article Michael-thanks ever so much for the pics also;-) was very interested on your take on Vespasian and Jerusalem-best to you and Varen as always!!

Devin said...

god I look like such an idiot-well I have ceased caring haha! i meant to say that 43 "playing" that stupid guitar while New Orleans drowned and "Brownie youre doing a helluva job" has always stuck with me as a perfect Nero/Bush image-whether the story of Nero fiddling is true or not isnt the point-it is the unimaginable cruelty of such "leaders" that history remembers-and Nero was a piece of work to say the least-all the best!!

Michael said...

Hi Devin, yes, agreed about Bush. Vespasian is called "Titus the Wicked" in the Talmud, but as Emperor he was well liked by the Romans - just shows how hero or villain is all about the writer's point of view.

If Bush was playing a Nero archetype, then I wonder, was Colin Powell Titus? ;-)

Anadæ Effro said...

Michael & Devin! You guys are SUCH history buffs! Speakin' OF buff, nice artwork, Michael! Ever hear of the frottage site locateable here? Some g0y, Bill Weintraub's baby. The tag line is "The zero makes all the difference." Code? Ain't Zero the name of Jack Skellington's ghost dog in the Tim Burton masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas? Yikes! My wv is corksesl … LOL … shouldn't've that had been cock sells?

Bestest Futurist wishes to thee & thine,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Christopher Knowles said...

Heh- can't rightly attest to "homo-religious synchs" with CC, but the shout-out is appreciated! We all need our media-spirit guides...

Michael said...

Anadae, you are a fountain of great links, as per. The artwork is courtesy of Matt, aka HSmuscleboy. He gets my exhibitionist juices flowing, that's for sure.

Chris - sorry, I didn't word that very well, did I? I meant he was a source of fascinating synchronicity in his writings and my favorite subject matter, which is the conjunction of the homoerotic and ancient (mostly biblical) archetypes.

Devin said...

Good point on Colin Powell!! Michael and I enjoyed Anadae's and Christophers comments greatly as I always do -I was trying to think of an ancient person for Hillary Clinton -or even more modern-is Obama still Akhenaten? it was funny when he first started running for prez I thought he was so erudite and intelligent haha I was fooled again-I know one thing the US govt is the biggest crime syndicate in the history of mankind and I hope it gets treated that way if things ever go sliding-sorry to go so off topic again-all the best to you and Varen always!!-haha saved myself from doing a double -I thought it was so funny when they were doing those laura Bush pics made to look like the Joker:) she is probably a bigger Xanax queen than me haha but I sure hope I dont end up looking like that:)

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