Jun 29, 2009

Crossing the Jordan

Gay Pride 2009 dawned sunny and warm, perfect parade weather. The parade route began on Union and traveled along 4th Ave., through Belltown, until it ran into the Seattle Center at Denny Way, which hosted the post-parade party.

We drove into town and found parking on 6th and Stewart, just a two block walk to the parade, which was already in progress. We happened to choose the one street where the "God hates fags" people were damning us all to hell, which I took as representing my early experience of religion - one of guilt, repression, and fear. Love the One Way sign.

As it turned out, there were about a dozen churches marching in the parade, all waving their rainbow flags, claiming to be open, inclusive, gay affirming (willing to perform same sex marriages) and they were marching between nearly naked go-go boys, politicians, Dikes on Bikes, Corporate gay groups, gay baseball clubs and drag queens, and it occurred to me that this parade was actually a parade of my BRAIN, with all the memes expressed and running together, flowing in front of me in glorious 3D! So fasten your seat belts.

Considering the dour warnings of burning in hell from the GHF gang, the first group we saw roll by was a red Fire Truck [rescue, salvation from 911, hot fireman calendars] driven by... lesbians.

Then the circus arrived, with the black and white harlequin jester/joker [duality, chess, Masons, good vs. evil ], and a sense of illusion - [Maya, Satan, the Father of Lies].

The catwoman calls me out.

The gay frat marches by. Brothers, [Liberté, égalité, fraternité], Philadelphia, hot frat boy sex, and all that. They march in magical purple.

Mama Mia! (Mother, Abba, Daddy, birth, Mary, Christ]

A cute (and odd) couple, standing across the street. I note the boy on the left is seriously representing left brain [intellect, ego, technology, verbal skills] while the boy on the right is 100 percent Id - Eros. The Perfect Couple.

Next up is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, an inspired mocking of the nature of God. Note the two balls, heavy laden with the milky way. The pirates march along side. Butt pirates? Even mockers represent the faith.

Following directly is this All Seeing Eye [Sauron, Masonic, I Am] Gayz into my eyes? Hypnotic!

Now we have the Daughters of Isis belly dancers, enticing me with their multi-colored veils, but I am infused with the power of the Eye, and I see through the veil. Actually, these daughters of Isis seem pretty OK with me seeing everything, so no great eyesight required here.

We finally arrive at Seattle [Galactic] Center! With the Space Needle [obelisk, mushroom, penis, alien, UFO, father] reigning above. That's some kind of orange monster sculpture thing we walk under on our yellow brick road. Didn't devour us.

Here we are, finally made it to gay heaven, thanks to the usual sponsors! Note the Water of Life, spurting happily in the background.

These twin-like guys were walking around, one with a white cross on his chest, the other a red star.

The dirty blonde wearing sunglasses is what I was shooting, his T says "Swallow my pride". Awesome!

Departing heaven, we came across this black thunderbolt. I'll leave that symbol to you.

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