Jun 22, 2009

Welcoming Our New Overlords

Japan Completes Life-Sized Gundam Giant Robot

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime/manga/toy/video game franchise, this 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall) RX-78 has been erected.

Fifty points on the Gundam statue will emit light, and mist will shoot out of 14 different points on the statue. The 1/1 scale Gundam boasts a movable head and a continuous stream of oh-man-this-is-so-damn-cool.

Enormous Gundam is DONE


Pew Pew!: Guy Builds Bumblebee In Yard

Tom Rhodes likes Transformers. So, naturally, he built an 18-foot-tall, 1,200-pound Bumblebee robot out of an old Volkswagen Beetle. As you can see, Bumblebee protects Tom's windmill from the Decepticons. Because, fun fact: Decepticons HATE clean energy. Transform and recycle!



Rhodes is the name of the island where they built the Colossus of Rhodes. His sister stands in the Hudson River. See In the Shadow of Giants

The original Bumblebee was a VW Beetle.

Windmills (especially the tri-winged variety) are also hated by strange, ectoplasmic UFOs in Conisholme. See The Daily Behemoth for more. Much More.


tommy said...

The life-sized Gundam gave me a nerdgasm the first time I saw it. Having my own giant robot (specifically a gundam) is something I used to dream about.

Devin said...

Haha:)I like that "nerdgasm"! I am glad you are doing ok sleepwise Michael-altho sorry to hear you go thru times of sleep deprivation!-mine has never been as bad as the last two months-I wish I could catch more of the unconcious stuff-unfortunately i am really dumb this way=others also:) around 1997-probabaly the fall after Dianas death/murder I had this strange dream that I was flying in an airplane and looked out over the wings and there were these water tank things on the wings! so it was one of those ok i am dreaming things as i was wtf?? well this same dream also had the theme of mountains in it although the plane didnt crash into it (a station wagon did-and no I wasnt using drugs that night:} I woke up after this dream very depressed and thought why am i depressed? it was just a dream and a stupid one at that (altho maybe not) well it only took me like 10 effing years but just a few years ago i remembered that dream and just like the sun coming up I was like water tanks on wings-OK could that equal the tears that were literally shed by being born on the wings of airplanes on sept 11?? Like I say it only took about ten years-and the only reason i remembered the dream in the first place is that it depressed me enormously-I am not saying it WAS a premonition of sept 11-sorry to go so off topic and best to you and Varen as always!!

Michael said...

Tommy - Dreaming seems to be on my mind today, too. Dream Big, they say. Can't get much bigger than Gundam.

Devin - OMG! "the fall after Dianas death/murder"? Tell me more! Fascinating dream, and equally fascinating how you only became conscious of it recently.

Personally, I have the "best" dreams after the worst sleep. By best I mean clear, memorable, myth like. Often they are not pleasant, but I find it interesting how my interpretation of them changes over time. I guess I try to make peace with them - my Ego and the Id...

BTW, I met a fellow once who had never had a dream. Ever. He was a bit concerned about it, but since he was very rich and everything was going his way, probably not too concerned. I was a bit taken aback, I had no idea it was even possible not to dream! I remember thinking, this guy is rich, handsome, everyone likes him, and he has never had a dream, and I was mulling over whether I'd be willing to give up dreaming for his life, which was a weird thing to think.

All the best, Michael

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