Jun 3, 2009

The Jeremiah Ring Tone

Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. (Jeremiah 6:10-17)

I swear, my ears are ringing. This is the week of the horn. It started with the Forty Years in the Desert post and finding the image of Joshua (playing the Destroyer) bringing down the walls of Jericho. Meanwhile, Thuth re-emerges from hyperspace - blowing a horn, and even Black Dog Star is all over trumpets, horns, and the mighty wind created by the... blowing of noses?!

Last week I was treated to the sight and sound of a majestic flock of Canadian geese flying overhead, honking away, and for some reason I thought of swans... trumpeter swans.

Swans are actually huge and FIERCE beasts that will intentionally scare the shit out of you in your little canoe. I was attacked by an angry swan once, it almost got my paddle. They are also fantastically gorgeous birds, and I suspect every gay boy's favorite bedtime story was The Ugly Duckling. And there's always the divine Miss Swan:

Swans symbolize cleanliness and beauty, hence Miss Swan's beauty salon, and closer to home, the Kirkland White Swan Car Wash. The beauty is physical, but the symbol is often used to imply sanctity, moral purity and righteousness. I think it's hilarious that Oz has black swans?

Anyway, yesterday Var brings home a bottle of SWAN brand hydrogen peroxide to clean the water cooler, and I stood there for a moment staring at the bottle...

The hydrogen "crop circle" glyph is the symbol found on the forehead of Dr. Manhattan, of the Watchmen.

You can pretty much sum up the book of Jeremiah with this tagline:

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis weighs (judges) the hearts of the dead against the weight of a feather. The feather is a symbol of something extremely light, much like the hydrogen atom.

Update 6/4/09: Varen bought a cooking pot online which came today, and he quickly named it "Horatio". (He names inanimate objects all the time, I have no idea why) Which takes me straight to Horatio Hornblower!

Captain Hornblower was played by Welsh dreamboat Ioan Gruffudd in the BBC television series. Ioan deserves a synchronistic post of his own one day.


Today is 06.03.09, synching with the poster above. It's also the hottest June 3rd on record here in Kirkland.


tommy said...

Interesting note on black swans:

"A 2007 exhibition at the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo in Norway called Against Nature? explored homosexual behaviours in a number of species, including black swans"

Anadæ Effro said...

Hail Michael, He Who Is Like God! And fail not to remember the Creedence Clearwater Revival's anthemic "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog" … the refrain to the lyrics of which are virtually remeniscent of a CHRIST-mass song, echoing "Joy To The World" … interestingly enough, I'd just told Richard Arrowsmith in his Nature of the Beast (Pan) article of when, at the moment of my Great-grandfather's transition from this life, the local great antlered elk sounded a great mournful trumpetting on the Thüringian mountain on which they both lived.

John Milton has the demon Asmodeus "make a trumpet of his ass", farting, in other words, to bring the Dark Lord's legions to battle.

An ex-bf of yore sent me a swan greeting card as a break-up declaration, a swan song being the end of a thing, since they are rumored to only sing upon their deaths.

Take note, then, of the lyrics to THIS wonderful ditty by the Thüringian band, Qntal, from the CD of the same name:

The Silver Swan

The silver swan, who living had no note,
When death approached unlocked her silent throat;
Leaning her breast against the reedy shore,
Thus sung her first and last, and sung no more:
Farewell, all joys;
O death, come close mine eyes;
More geese than swans now live,
more fools than wise.

Truer words, mein Warmbruder, were never sung,
AnadæEffro (•:-)}

Devin said...

I agree about the loveliness of the swans-simply gorgeous birds-I had no idea they were so fierce! I guess the Phoenix Metro area doesnt have much of a swan population;-) Thanks also for the divine Miss Swan-hahahaha-I had forgotten all about her! I was reading the biography of a gay 50s movie star-Tab Hunter-and he worked on a movie with Divine-who I also had forgotten about-man how time seems to erase treasured memories with me-The Russians have a beautiful plane-the TU-160 that they refer to as the "White Swan" since it is a military fighter/bomber I imagine it is also quite deadly/beautiful. best to you and Varen as always-enjoy Horatio Hornblower! The fellow who played him is quite handsome-don't believe I had ever seen him before-and as always I so enjoy reading the other comments!I will never think of Asmodeus in quite the same way again;-)

Anadæ Effro said...

Devin, you're a fuckin' riot! As Alex Borstein's former Mad-TV persona of Ms Swan would say, "He looka like a man!" Yes, despite their austere avian form & mesmerising grace, swimming along a body of water, they're vicious, and retreat only when they're well convinced their opposition is defeated. Mayhaps that's the reason that JRR Tolkien had aspected the swan as a reoccuring motif in Elven culture? Link(•:-)}

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Wow. Just returning from a small birthday party for a close friend, and one guest was Anastasia, a Russian girl (I'll always think of her as a girl, though she's now 25) who is the daughter of Varen's former lover, and I'll just leave it at that. Anyway, she's a big girl, just like the Tupelov TU-160, and I had happened to comment on her pale complexion, which sorta makes her a Russian white swan? Or maybe a White Russian. or perhaps, an Old Believer.

Devin said...

Anadae and Christopher-thanks so much for the other thoughts-I just had to come back to this post and add (of course this is a bit of senselessness as usual) that of all things-I live within walking distance of a small strip mall and a discount grocery store-this place must have been there for years-but just a day ago I noticed for the first time-there is a Swan Nails-haha-I really got a kick out of that -it was probably there since I have lived in the area-July of 04 and just noticed it-I wonder whats next?? I like White Russians (the drink-well when I used to drink) never had a White Russian man before;-)all the best!!

Arrowsmith said...

Swan reversed is Naws.

Naws is suspiciously similar to Nose.

Honk Honk.

Anadæ Effro said...

Wait! … One other swan themed synchro wink! From the GODDESS of Goth Rock herself, Siouxsie Sioux, the music video of her song, Into a Swan … enjoy, kiddies! Night-night (•;-)}

Michael said...

Hey, thanks for the links and synchs.

Speaking of noses, I was reading about the recent Tony Awards accidental nose job to Bret Michael's - of poison infamy. According to the Tony Awards, Bret had "missed his mark", and I can't help but think of archers and the ancient concept of "sin" when I hear that. Somehow, it all makes synch sense. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31255862/

James Ratte said...

Swans lay eggs

S / 19 / 1
W / 23 / 5
A / 1 / 1
N / 14 / 5

/ 57 / 12 / 3

( 1515 )

D / 4 / 4
U / 21 / 3
C / 3 / 3
K / 11 / 2

/ 39 / 12 / 3

S W A N jumble gmme
... game rules below ...

S = S
W = E & M & W
A = A
N = Z & N

... and play ...

seaz , nase , naws , sane, mans , mazs, wazs, awns


23 / 1 / 20 / 5 / 18
5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 9


6 / 15 / 23 / 12 / 19
6 / 6 / 5 / 3 / 1



wv ... sh care

James Ratte said...

Oh I saw a pair o ducks next to the rats (star) that Anadae showed me. I loved the Horatio Hornblower show. HH ... Henry Hudson

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