Jun 26, 2009

Door to Door George

In my suburban neighborhood we occasionally get solicitors at the door. Most of them are teenagers, and most of them are selling magazine subscriptions or God-aweful candy, which they claim is for some higher purpose, like teaching them to be productive members of society, or helping their team make it to some tournament. Most of these are scams, and I am particularly vulnerable to them, because even knowing it's a scam, these are kids on the street who need some kind of help.

Tonight's visitor was a girl who claimed to be a gymnast (she even looked like a gymnast), and her coach was sending her around with children's books for me to buy and apparently the team gets a commish. She had no pics of her team, her coach, newspaper cuttings, not exactly clear what school she's from. It's a crazy deal, because I'd be more than happy to give the "team" 20 bucks to help them on their way, but not so happy to have some book "publisher" take a percentage of my donation?

So I'm acting all dubious, and she says "Sir, I wouldn't lie to you, I'm a Christian". And suddenly I saw George W. Bush standing on my doorstep!

I responded "Well, that was the wrong thing to say. I've been lied to many times by Christians", and closed the door. I can be quite the grump sometimes.

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