Sep 29, 2010

Taking My Meds

I’ve recently made a commitment to meditate every day. Meditating isn’t “fun” for me, but it does bring certain intangible yet noticeable benefits. One benefit is some clarity about priorities. Gosporn has always wavered between a personal blog and God knows what else, mostly it’s just a record of the evolution of my belief system. The Write In Candidate pretty much sums up where I am right now, and I don’t have anything of substance to add to it.

I’ve realized that it’s time for me to stop blogging and time for my ego to shut the fuck up for once. Time to look inwards. In the immortal words of Sherri Ann Cabot from Best in Show:
“I’m just gonna stay here ’til I get another message from myself”


Ishmael said...

I think you are doing fine, of course I know exactly how you feel.

-practice is good. silence good.

do work on some of the creative ideas you've had though. make a practice of that too. I'd love to see that google dream in fiction or as a graphic novel. (I think that the way we blog might very well be the new "literature"--the tyranny of the linear book has lost it's power w/ the advent of the net, but so much of the net dwells in the shallows. Our writing creates a silence too and hopefully allows for a depth in a fleeting and spinning multiverse of a medium.)

anyway. your work and output has been tremendous. go and inside and come back w/ the treasure.
be well friend.

Kirk said...

Hope you start it up again soon :)

Michael said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Already it feels like a vacation! :-) See you when I get back.

Anadæ Effro said...

Comedienne Jennifer Coolidge, who portrayed the Best In Show character you cited here, Sherri Ann Ward Cabot, actually had an even earlier air-headed bimbo role on 1994's sadly short-lived feminist comedy orgy, SHE-TV, as Bagitta Lyndforce on Bagitta's Planet of Pretty. As for meditation, Michael, wow, man. I'd just posted about Pranayama on my Fb page this week. You needn't imploy as austere an asana as the Lotus posture pictured there. Although I can sit that way, I much prefer utilising the comfy chair. C U when U R back, man ~ (•8-D

Riverwolf, said...

Enjoy your time away--and good luck with that meditating every day, you overachiever. If I can get in once a week, I feel pretty damn special (and calm. Yeah, that too).

Michael said...

Yup, lots o' breathing. I love that film. Of course, now that I'm meditating, I have lots of amazing new synchy revelations, but y'all just have to wait till I get down from the mountain top. ;-) Later...

ooh... good word veri: subve, Sub Venus.

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