Sep 5, 2010

The Curse of Narcissus

One of the odder things about same-sex attraction is that not only do you want to have the man of your dreams, you want to BE him, too. It’s the Narcissus curse/blessing. Many an erotic gay story sees the nerdy protagonist transformed into the object of his own desire by some magical super stud. They both consummate their “self love”, as if a super model’s mirrored reflection came to life. Gay men tend to have a lot of personal identity issues, not being satisfied with the way we look, etc., and perhaps a straight man will never understand that when a gay man looks in the mirror he may see himself, but he’s looking for his ultimate erotic fantasy. Have pity on gay vanity, the mirror is a cruel mistress.

This highly erotic and admittedly adolescent fantasy is perfectly presented by this recent image at Brawny Stud. Somebody photoshopped their head (with a shit-eating smirk) onto Ronnie Colman’s body and attached a porn star cock. I used to do the same thing when I was a teenager with pencil and paper, only my No. 2 had even more imagination in the genital department. (but not the pecs... Dayum!)

They say that opposites attract, but it is hilarious how often a gay couple will be almost twin-like. Var and I are both relatively similar in appearance, though we are far more “alike” in psychological ways, which are ultimately more important. But not when yer jerkin’ off...

Note: What the...? Egyptian hieroglyphs in the background?

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