Sep 2, 2010

Back in the USSW

The United States of Star Wars. Via Geekologie:
Rogue Leader Rebecca Crane went and created a map of The United States of Star Wars (or USSW if you're into the whole brevity thing), with a different planet/location from Star Wars representing each state based on similarities in geography and other factors like the kind of people that live there.
OK, obviously Alaska is Hoth and New York is Coruscant and Oregon is Endor. But get this... Washington State is Kashyyyk, AKA Wookieville! Find out where your state stands in the Union here.
"Well, it has big trees, in case your eyes don't work anymore." ―Canderous Ordo to Revan
"This place is wild and untamed. It stirs the blood and makes one feel...alive." ―Juhani
Given all the Sasquatch sightings in the local mythology, I can't really argue. But interestingly, I’ve lately come to consider that New York and Seattle are “twin cities”, mostly because of this poster: Sleepless in Seattle all nicely divided up according to phi.

On one side we have the phallic space needle and Tom Hanks, and on the other we have the Statue of Liberty/Isis and (Nut)Meg Ryan. Or the Beauty and the Beast - the left and right brain. New York may be the City that Never Sleeps, but Seattle is the Dreaming Mind.

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