Sep 18, 2010

The Dreamers of Dreams

A few of my more vivid dreams anticipate art. Such as this image from the new, non-studio, self-funded film Skyline, that sees everyone gathered up to immense hovering spaceships. Skyline puts a negative spin on it, while my dream was pretty awesome. Same vision, different interpretation.

J. J. Abram’s Star Trek had a scene like that. When the Romulan ship of Nero came through the time warp and defeated the Starfleet vessel in a matter of minutes, it was exactly like the best dream I ever had in my whole life. I was ON the Kelvin. And that mechanical voice that said “Hello”... that was identical too.

I think it’s cool how these subconscious archetypes repeat themselves in my dreams and obviously in the dreams of others. We dream the same dreams, though we may not always agree on the interpretation.

They say that dreams manifest first in art, and then in reality. Curious dream we are all having.

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