Sep 6, 2010

Tiger Stripes

Had a particularly crazy dream last night:

I was an Asian Indian man (and when I say “I”, I mean the dream had a movie quality about it where the Indian was the character I “identified” with, but I still had a sense of my own truer Self observing events. The Indian was my “character”).

Anyhoo, I’m on a quest for a talisman, medallion or grail kind of object. In other words, an ego knowable manifestation of an Id/mystery concept, and I do find it. It is female and green and a cube (big surprise there, eh?), and I don’t really remember much beyond the fact that I was clumsy and tipped it over, and I recall sirens going off in the temple and outraged cries of being defiled or something. I thought it was being melodramatic, considering that I hadn’t even taken the object. I left it there, in its stupid temple. And I thought I was done with it, but had the odd feeling that it wasn’t done with me.

Later, I was in an automobile accident that required a lot of burn victim bandages. And when they peeled off the bandages, some had left a stain on my skin that couldn’t be removed, and the stain on my arm was exactly like a tiger’s stripes.
As for the question of whether In Flames nicked their “Jester” mascot from this demo cover–well, you’d have to ask the guy with the tiger stripe tattoos about that.

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